.:: What’s new in calibre 0.6? ::.

calibre 0.6 represents six months of development effort. It has a host of new features compared to the 0.5 series. A selective list of the new features follows.

:: All new conversion system

The E-book market suffers from fragmentation, with different vendors providing e-books in different formats. calibre’s conversion system allows for the seamless conversion of dozens of e-book formats from one to another. This is of great benefit to both end-users of e-books and publishers who want to make their catalogs available in multiple formats with a minimum of fuss. In 0.6, the conversion system has been completely redesigned. The new design is highly modular and makes adding new features and support for new formats very easy. The benefits of this redesign can be seen in the large number of new input and output formats calibre supports.

Output formats EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, TXT

Thanks to the new conversion system, calibre can convert from any of the input to any of the output formats.

In addition, the conversion system now has several long requested features, like the ability to insert book metadata into a “jacket” page at the start of the book. The user interface for conversion has also been made more user firiendly with the addition of a wizard to aid in the creation of XPath expressions. calibre uses XPath as a very powerful way for the user to mark document structure like chapters, page-breaks, entries for the automatic creation of Table of Contents, etc.

New input and output formats can be easily added to calibre by means of writing simple input and output plugins.

:: Modularized device drivers

calibre’s device driver infrastructure has been fully modularized, with each device driver taking the form of a simple (typically 50 lines of code) plugin. This has made adding support for new devices to calibre easier than ever. calibre now has drivers for a number of devices: SONY PRS 500/505/700, Amazon Kindle 1/2/DX, BeBook and BeBook Mini, Cybook Gen3 and Opus, Ectaco JetBook, Irex Illiad and DR1000, Apple iPhone, Google Android based phones, …

calibre will now automatically convert e-books to a suitable format when sending to a device, if the device does not support the existing formats the e-book is available in.

calibre can now email your books to you. This can be used, for example, to have calibre wirelessly deliver news and books to your Kindle or your smartphone.

:: A welcome wizard

calibre now includes a welcome wizard that helps you configure it for your e-book device with just a few clicks, so that you can start using it right away.

Welcome wizard

:: Improved e-book viewer

The calibre e-book viewer can now view all the e-book formats that calibre can convert. The viewer can also print e-books and has a new bookmark manager. The viewer also has optional support for hyphenation (the ability to end a line in the middle of a long word). This gives the text a smoother right margin and makes for a more pleasant reading experience as shown below.

E-book viewer

Because of a bug in the HTML rendering library calibre uses, hyphens at the end of lines are not rendered. Once the library is fixed, this will no longer occur.

:: Improved news download

Various news download recipes have been improved and calibre has gained recipes for over 60 new news sources. When downloading news for the Kindle, the calibre created news can now take full advantage of the Kindle joystick based navigation features. You can use the joystick to browse the list of articles and jump easily from article to article.

:: User interface improvements

A number of fields in the edit metadata dialog now have auto-complete. You can eject e-book devices from within calibre by hovering your mouse over the device icon. calibre now supports devices with upto two storage cards. A “Date published” column has been added to the main library view. The series index field now allows for fractional series numbers, to support complex series that often have later books in between earlier ones.

:: PDF improvements

calibre can now extract covers from PDF files. Conversion of PDF has been fine tuned and should give better results in general. calibre now includes a command line utility pdfmanipulate, which supports a number of options (crop, decrypt, encrypt, info, merge, reverse, rotate, split) for modifying PDFs.

:: Bugs fixed

Over 200 bugs have been fixed since the last release of calibre. Some of the more important ones:

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