Usage statistics

Usage statistics are collected whenever a user starts calibre. Every calibre installation has a unique ID, this ID remains unchanged by upgrades and even an uninstall/re-install. This ID is used to collect usage statistics. Only this ID is stored, no other identifying information is collected.

Active installs: 2,817,915 (those that have started calibre at least once in the last 60 days)

Note that installs are not users. A single user could run calibre on multiple computers. A single calibre install could be used by multiple people.

Installs by country (237 countries, top 30 shown):

Spain Spain12.6%
United States United States11.9%
Germany Germany9.3%
China China7.5%
France France6.2%
Italy Italy6.0%
United Kingdom United Kingdom4.1%
Canada Canada3.4%
Netherlands Netherlands3.0%
Poland Poland2.7%
Brazil Brazil2.3%
Russian Federation Russian Federation2.3%
Australia Australia1.9%
Argentina Argentina1.6%
India India1.6%
Japan Japan1.1%
Mexico Mexico1.1%
Hungary Hungary1.1%
Czech Republic Czech Republic1.0%
Austria Austria1.0%
Belgium Belgium1.0%
Ukraine Ukraine0.9%
Turkey Turkey0.8%
Switzerland Switzerland0.8%
Taiwan, Province of China Taiwan, Province of China0.8%
Unknown Unknown0.6%
Bulgaria Bulgaria0.6%
Romania Romania0.6%
Chile Chile0.6%
Viet Nam Viet Nam0.5%

% of unknown IP addresses: 0.6%

Most popular versions (Top 20):

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