Usage statistics

Usage statistics are collected whenever a user starts calibre. Every calibre installation has a unique ID, this ID remains unchanged by upgrades and even an uninstall/re-install. This ID is used to collect usage statistics. Only this ID is stored, no other identifying information is collected. And no collected information is ever shared with any third party.

Active installs: 3,049,665 (those that have started calibre at least once in the last 60 days)

Note that installs are not users. A single user could run calibre on multiple computers. A single calibre install could be used by multiple people.

Installs by country (236 countries, top 30 shown):

Spain Spain12.1%
United States United States12.0%
Germany Germany9.3%
China China7.3%
France France6.2%
Italy Italy6.1%
United Kingdom United Kingdom3.9%
Canada Canada3.5%
Netherlands Netherlands3.0%
Poland Poland2.9%
Russian Federation Russian Federation2.2%
Brazil Brazil2.1%
Australia Australia1.9%
Argentina Argentina1.6%
India India1.5%
Hungary Hungary1.2%
Japan Japan1.1%
Mexico Mexico1.1%
Czech Republic Czech Republic1.1%
Austria Austria1.0%
Belgium Belgium1.0%
Turkey Turkey0.9%
Ukraine Ukraine0.8%
Switzerland Switzerland0.8%
Unknown Unknown0.8%
Taiwan, Province of China Taiwan, Province of China0.8%
Romania Romania0.7%
Bulgaria Bulgaria0.7%
Chile Chile0.5%
Viet Nam Viet Nam0.5%

% of unknown IP addresses: 0.8%

Most popular versions (Top 20):

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