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Vaata, mis calibre versioonis 5.0 uut on

Release: 5.33.2 [03 Dec, 2021]

New features

  • Allow changing the icon used for calibre libraries. Right click the library icon in calibre and choose "Change the icon for this library"
  • Comments editor: Use a single line for all three toolbars if they fit
  • Edit book: Allow merging HTML files by drag and drop of the files onto another HTML file
  • Kobo driver: Add support for listing purchased audiobooks
  • Edit metadata all-in-one mode: The cover and formats column now gives as much vertical space as possible to the cover image
  • Add books dialog: When a non-book file type is added the next time the dialog is used, preselect the "All files" filter

    Closes tickets: 1952562

  • calibre-server --manage-users: Allow managing users while the server is running and also add actions to automate changing user account restrictions

    Closes tickets: 1952764

  • EPUB 3 metadata: If the book contains a "subtitle" append it to the main title when reading metadata

    Closes tickets: 1950762

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix an occasional hang on startup at "Loading section"

    Closes tickets: 1950673

  • Get books: Update the Kobo plugin for website changes

    Closes tickets: 1952142

  • Bulk edit metadata dialog: Fix changing the search mode resetting other fields

    Closes tickets: 1951673

  • E-book viewer: Fix sorting of highlights incorrect in books that use HTML ids with a hyphen in them

    Closes tickets: 1951507

  • PDF Output: Fix the option to break long words at the ends of lines causing boxes to be rendered at the end of the line on macOS with some fonts

    Closes tickets: 1951467

  • Google metadata plugin: When searching by ISBN if no results are found retry using an alternate query syntax
  • 5.33.2 fixes a couple of regressions that broke the toolbar in the popup comments editor dialog and rendering of the download metadata button in the edit metadata dialog on Windows, as well as reading files from MTP devices on Windows

New news sources

  • The Epoch Times by Kovid Goyal
  • Mens Day Out by Vishwas Vasuki

Improved news sources

  • Smithsonian Magazine

Release: 5.32 [12 Nov, 2021]

New features

  • Edit book: Add a tool to transform HTML tags based on rules (Tools->Transform HTML)

    Allows for making transformations such as changing one html tag to another, deleting tags, wrapping them in another tag, etc. Also available during conversions via the Look & feel->Transform HTML section of the conversion dialog.

  • Driver for the new Tolino Vision 6

    Closes tickets: 1949908

  • Kobo driver: Add support for the latest firmware released last week
  • When picking a random book ensure recently chosen books are not re-selected

    Closes tickets: 1948889

  • Icon theme chooser dialog: Allow right clicking on a theme to visit its homepage

Bug fixes

  • Amazon metadata download: Add support for more markup variations in amazon's sites that could prevent the fetching of ratings, comments and series metadata for some books
  • Google search: Add support for new beta search results page markup that was preventing using cached Google pages to search for Amazon metadata
  • PDF Output: Fix the option to preserve cover aspect ratio being ignored when converting comics
  • DOCX Input: Sanitize image filenames more strictly to workaround broken EPUB software

    Closes tickets: 1950412

  • Linux binary: Fix file dialogs not working on Fedora 35 under KDE

    Closes tickets: 1950206

  • When sending email to the Kindle and PocketBook sync services use ASCII filenames as there have been some reports of issues with non-ASCII filenames with these services.

    Closes tickets: 1949604

  • Book Details: Fix missing copy options on composite columns

    Closes tickets: 1950033

  • Ask for confirmation when deleting covers from books

New news sources

  • India speaks reddit feed by Vishwas Vasuki

Improved news sources

  • New York Post
  • Liberation
  • Boston Globe
  • The Globe and Mail
  • LeMonde

Release: 5.31.1 [29 Oct, 2021]

New features

  • Kindle driver: Support the new Kindle PaperWhite 2021

    Closes tickets: 1948883

  • Add an option under Preferences->Behavior to have calibre recognize numbers when sorting (this was previously under Preferences->Tweaks)
  • E-book viewer: Add a button to directly open the viewer help section in the calibre user manual to the viewer controls
  • E-book viewer: Prevent the display from sleeping when using auto-scroll or read aloud modes (Implemented only on Windows and macOS)
  • Edit book: Set semantics tool: Add support for EPUB 3 landmarks
  • Add an entry to the Connect/share menu to open the content server in a local browser when it is running

    Closes tickets: 1948493

Bug fixes

  • Content server: Fix some OPDS feeds failing with non-ASCII content

    Closes tickets: 1947879

  • Tag browser: Fix incorrect first letter partitioning when enabling numeric collation of items that start with a number

    Closes tickets: 1948560

  • 5.31.1 fixes a bug in an HTML serialization library calibre uses that broke a few things, such as the comments editor tool in the metadata dialog

    Closes tickets: 1949167

Release: 5.30 [22 Oct, 2021]

New features

  • Add support for the new Kobo Sage and Libra 2 e-book reader devices
  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: Allow right clicking to play/pause reading

    Closes tickets: 1946439

  • Sending books by e-mail: Preserve non-English characters in attached filenames
  • Tag browser: Allow searching for sub-categories by right clicking on them

    Closes tickets: 1946560

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix cover and full screen images not centered in paged mode when more than one page is displayed per screen
  • ToC Editor: Ignore in succession clicks on the OK and Cancel buttons to avoid accidentally closing the window when finishing creating a new entry
  • Comments editor: Fix the formatting buttons not showing the current state correctly and fix some keyboard shortcuts not working when more than one comments editor is present in a single window

    Closes tickets: 1905479

  • Tag browser: Fix renaming of User categories in Virtual libraries

    Closes tickets: 1946417

  • Make removing large numbers of custom column icons easier

    Closes tickets: 1947948

Improved news sources

  • Private Eye
  • Foreign Policy
  • Le Monde Diplomatique - cono sur

Release: 5.29 [08 Oct, 2021]

New features

  • Allow drag and drop of books onto formats in the Tag browser to convert them to that format

    Closes tickets: 1945890

  • Allow creating sorts based on multiple columns (Add the Sort action to the toolbar via Preferences->Toolbars & menus)

    Closes tickets: 1945891

  • Edit book: When changing a paragraph to a heading if the cursor is adjacent to a paragraph tag but not inside any tags other than body, use the adjacent tag

Bug fixes

  • Auto adding: Run relevant plugins before reading metadata from the book. Matches behavior of manual adding

    Closes tickets: 1945889

  • Content server: Fix category collapse by partition not working

    Closes tickets: 1945882

  • Prevent Tab from causing focus to leave the Tag browser
  • Edit book: See what changed: Fix non-BMP unicode characters causing highlighting of changed words to be slightly misplaced
  • PDF Output: Fix a regression that broke conversion of comics that contain 1-bit images
  • Edit book: Fix pressing Ctrl+Tab inserting a tab at the start of a line instead of switching tabs
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused identifiers set by some plugins to not be saved in the database

    Closes tickets: 1945098

  • Template language: Fix nesting composite columns sometimes failing

    Closes tickets: 1946342

New news sources

  • Various Indian news sources by Vishvas Vasuki

Improved news sources

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Dawn
  • New York Review of Books

Release: 5.28 [24 Sep, 2021]

New features

  • Edit metadata dialog: Customize cover generation: Allow saving and loading cover generation settings as "themes"
  • E-book viewer: Allow pressing the 0-9 keys to apply a quick highlight style

    Closes tickets: 1944614

  • Book details panel: While clicking tags/authors/etc. holding down the Ctrl+Shift modifier keys now add the tag to the current search with "AND" instead of "OR" when using only Ctrl

    Closes tickets: 1943521

  • Add an option to the preferences drop down menu to restart calibre without third party plugins

    Closes tickets: 1944057

Bug fixes

  • Edit book: When renaming classes in style sheets only recognize class names preceded by a period

    Closes tickets: 1944562

  • E-book viewer: Fix lookup in Google partially hidden due to change in Google results page markup
  • Conversion dialog: Search replace expression builder: Fix incorrect search result highlighting when non-BMP unicode characters are present in the text
  • E-book viewer: Fix popup footnote blank when the footnote link points to a <body> tag

    Closes tickets: 1943270

  • E-book viewer: Fix jumping to highlights in text that occurs after a line break and newline character not working in paged mode

    Closes tickets: 1944433

  • Kindle Output: Strip EXIF metadata from JPEG images as the Kindle renderer has issues with it

    Closes tickets: 1943495

Improved news sources

  • Аргументы и Факты
  • India Today

Release: 5.27 [10 Sep, 2021]

New features

  • When adding markdown (.md) or textile (.textile) files that contain references to images, automatically add them as txtz with the images

Bug fixes

  • DOCX Output: Correctly convert soft hyphens in the input document to DOCX soft hyphens
  • DOCX Input: Fix a bookmark at the end of a paragraph causing the bookmark at the start of the paragraph to be skipped

    Closes tickets: 1942805

  • Edit book: Spell check: Fix EPUB 3 nav document not being spell checked when not in the spine

    Closes tickets: 1942773

  • PDF Output: Fix a rare failure when the input document has a ToC item pointing to the last page

    Closes tickets: 1942012

  • Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused drag and drop from WinZip to not work

    Closes tickets: 1942129

  • TXT Output: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused the max line length option to not work

    Closes tickets: 1941992

  • When auto converting added TXT files with image references to TXTZ use a full markdown parser to detect markdown images

New news sources

  • The Week by Kovid Goyal

Improved news sources

  • BBC News
  • Foreign Affairs

Release: 5.26 [27 Aug, 2021]

New features

  • Dark color scheme: Use a darker blue for highlighted items

    Closes tickets: 1941013

Bug fixes

  • Content server book viewer: Show a message when a search finds no matches
  • MOBI Output: Fix JPEG images without any JFIF metadata not being rendered on the Kindle
  • Comic input: Fix single color images having their colors changed by normalization

    Closes tickets: 1939908

  • E-book viewer: Fix creating multiple highlights in a single paragraph that also contains some extra text formatting at the start causing the second and subsequent highlights to malfunction

    Closes tickets: 1940005

  • Edit book: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the options in the Remove unused CSS dialog

    Closes tickets: 1939912

New news sources

  • NYTimes Cooking by gourav

Improved news sources

  • Boston Globe

Release: 5.25 [13 Aug, 2021]

New features

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: When displaying popup footnotes use the same writing direction as the main text for the footnote popups size and header

    Closes tickets: 1938448

  • E-book viewer: Improve the text layout when looking up words in Google
  • Content server viewer: Fix read aloud not working on mobile browsers

Improved news sources

  • The Guardian and The Observer
  • Wall Street Journal
  • The Atlantic

Release: 5.24 [30 Jul, 2021]

New features

  • Conversion: Insert metadata as jacket: Allow adding timestamp and publisher fields. Also allow controlling the formatting of date/time fields
  • Cover browser: Add an option to view the central book by double clicking instead of single clicking (Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser)

    Closes tickets: 1937025

  • Tag browser: Add actions to the configure menu to toggle the display of counts and average rating

    Closes tickets: 1936891

  • Tag browser: Allow plugins to add entries to the context menu

    Closes tickets: 1936472

Bug fixes

  • fetch-ebook-metadata: Fix an error when using the --cover option and no cover is found

    Closes tickets: 1938189

  • HTML Input: Fix the presence of BookDesigner markup causing conversion to fail

    Closes tickets: 1936792

  • TXT Input: Do not fail if the txt file references a directory as a resource

    Closes tickets: 1936184

Improved news sources

  • Nature News
  • Boston Globe
  • Foreign Policy
  • Le Monde

Release: 5.23 [09 Jul, 2021]

New features

  • Annotations browser: Show highlight color in the preview panel

    Closes tickets: 1934204

  • TXTZ format: Store type of text formatting in the metadata and use it automatically when converting from TXTZ
  • Edit metadata dialog: Allow holding Ctrl and clicking the item editor buttons to instead open the manage dialog

    Closes tickets: 1934043

Bug fixes

  • Annotations browser: Fix searching for words in languages such as Chinese that do not have word delimiters not working

    Closes tickets: 1929325

  • News download: Fix URLs with spaces in them not being downloaded since calibre 5.0
  • When searching for books by an author from the manage authors dialog, use exact matches

    Closes tickets: 1933989

  • MOBI Output: Fix invalid color specification as plain numbers causing conversion to fail

    Closes tickets: 1933797

  • MOBI Output: Fix invalid text indent specification causing conversion to fail

    Closes tickets: 1933684

  • Linux: Drop the unmaintained dbus-python in favor of jeepney for DBUS
  • Edit book: Workaround for Qt bug that caused the panel sizes in the editor to not be remembered across sessions

Improved news sources

  • The Guardian and the Observer
  • National Geographic
  • Handelsblatt
  • Huffington Post

Release: 5.22.1 [25 Jun, 2021]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Allow clicking links in popup footnotes

    Closes tickets: 1931646

  • Main book list: Scroll per pixel rather than per item by default. Can be returned to previous behavior via Preferences->Tweaks->Control behavior of book list
  • Linux: Drop support for the global menu bar

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix font sizes specified in absolute units not being honored in locales where the decimal separator is not the period

    Closes tickets: 1932152

  • E-book viewer: Fix searching for short strings in text with lots of similar entries displaying incorrect matches

    Closes tickets: 1931566

  • MOBI Output: Fix using percentage units for margins resulting in too large margins when using the tablet output profile

    Closes tickets: 1932392

  • E-book viewer: Fix back button not working after jumping to a bookmark

    Closes tickets: 1931599

  • Content server: OPDS feed: Fix incorrect up URL in category group feeds

    Closes tickets: 1932992

  • Content server: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke editing of series metadata

    Closes tickets: 1933559

  • E-book viewer: Fix scrolling backwards by screen-fulls not working with very large page margins.
  • MOBI Input: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke processing of Haodoo format files
  • Conversion: Fix the smarten punctuation option not applying to inserted jacket page
  • 5.22.1 fixes a typo in the previous release that broke device detection on Linux

Improved news sources

  • TheAtlantic.com
  • Hindu
  • People Daily

Release: 5.21 [11 Jun, 2021]

New features

  • Driver for the new Kobo Ellipsa
  • Content server: When editing metadata for fields that take multiple values, make it easier to remove individual values by simply tapping a button

    Closes tickets: 1930958

  • Browser viewer: Make current color scheme setting propagate to all devices automatically when using user accounts

    Closes tickets: 1930900

  • E-book viewer: Image popup: Show the image resolution in the popup window's titlebar

Bug fixes

  • HTML Input: Fix handling of @import rules in stylesheets nested more than one level deep

    Closes tickets: 1930922

  • Fix viewer search context menu to clear searches not clearing search settings

    Closes tickets: 1930912

  • E-book viewer image popup: Fix full screen button in incorrect state when starting in full screen

Improved news sources

  • Associated Press
  • The Hindu

Release: 5.20 [04 Jun, 2021]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Highlights: Make URLs in the notes for highlights clickable
  • Book details: Ctrl-clicking on tags now adds them to the existing search instead of replacing it

    Closes tickets: 1930136

  • E-book viewer: Allow using the back button to return from jumping to a search result

Bug fixes

  • Get books: Fix the Kobo store plugin for changes to the website
  • Edit book: Fix non breaking spaces in snippets being converted to normal spaces

    Closes tickets: 1929827

  • ToC Editor: Fix a regression that caused changes to not be saved on machines where running a worker process takes more than ten seconds

    Closes tickets: 1930466

  • Fix error when changing the "Search the net" URLs for the Content server

Improved news sources

  • Jerusalem Post
  • Popular Science
  • Ambito Financiero
  • Ambito.com
  • Infobae

Release: 5.19 [28 May, 2021]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Add a preference under Scrolling behavior to reverse the tap zones used to turn pages. So tapping on the left goes forward and the right backward

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix regression in 5.15 that caused incorrect display of font sizes that contain a period and use absolute units

    Closes tickets: 1929862

  • PDF Output: Fix font kerning issues with some TrueType fonts

    Closes tickets: 1929240

  • Edit book: Fix a regression in 5.18 that broke editing/creating saved searches

    Closes tickets: 1929267

  • Windows: Fix for standalone ToC Editor not working on systems where Qt WebEngine causes a crash at exit

    Closes tickets: 1919025

  • Windows MTP driver: When scanning an MTP device such as an Android phone ignore folders that Windows fails to enumerate instead of failing with an error
  • ToC Editor: Fix a regression that broke choosing split points in some XHTML files
  • PDB Input: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke processing some plucker format PDB files

    Closes tickets: 1929465

  • Edit book: Fix sorting in spell check dialog on language broken for books that have unknown languages
  • Annotations browser: Fix a typo that broke sorting for highlights
  • Annotations browser: When showing a highlight preserve paragraph boundaries for multi-paragraph highlights

    Closes tickets: 1909730

  • Viewer highlights panel: Fix the "Edit notes" link not saving the changes
  • E-book viewer: When using a right click/shift-click to adjust the selection, move the section boundary that is closer to the click point

    Closes tickets: 1929164

Release: 5.18 [21 May, 2021]

New features

  • Content server viewer: Improved search functionality

    Searching can now be done for whole words and regular expressions. And all search results are listed at once with some context for easy navigation.

  • E-book viewer: Allow making the image popup full screen

    Closes tickets: 1928596

  • E-book viewer: Allow expanding/collapsing all items in the Table of Contents at a particular level by right clicking on one item of that level and choosing the option to expand/collapse
  • E-book viewer: Add shortcuts shift+home and shift+end to extend current selection to start/end of line
  • Book details: When creating rules to convert identifiers to URLs allow using {id_unquoted} to avoid quoting the identifier value

    Closes tickets: 1927520

  • Review downloaded metadata: Allow double clicking on a cover to see it at a larger size

    Closes tickets: 1927062

  • Annotations browser: Add a Refresh button

    Closes tickets: 1927012

Bug fixes

  • Edit book: Fix ctrl-clicking on a class name jumping to the wrong CSS rule if the stylesheet contains top level comments
  • Fix search and replace on identifiers not working if the replaced value has colons

    Closes tickets: 1928579

  • Annotations browser: Sort the entries in order of position in book

    Closes tickets: 1922691

  • ToC editor: Dark mode: Fix colors in location selection panel not dark
  • E-book viewer: Fix right or shift-clicking to extend selection not shrinking selection when the click is inside the selection

    Closes tickets: 1926793

  • Avoid spurious errors on multiple simultaneous calibre launches

    Closes tickets: 1927546

  • E-book viewer: Ignore mouse scroll events that would turn pages when editing notes

    Closes tickets: 1925961

  • E-book viewer: Fix sorting bookmarks by title not working
  • Windows WPD driver: Fix an error reading the filesystem on some MTP based devices

Improved news sources

  • IEEE Spectrum

Release: 5.17 [30 Apr, 2021]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Image popup: Allow dragging with the mouse to pan the image

    Closes tickets: 1926484

  • Sort button: Allow selecting which columns are in the popup sort menu

    Closes tickets: 1923724

  • E-book viewer: When suggesting a default bookmark title, use the name of the current chapter

    Closes tickets: 1851908

  • E-book viewer: When searching the Table of Contents allow holding the Shift key to search backwards

    Closes tickets: 1925038

  • E-book viewer: Add a shortcut Ctrl+0 to restore default font size

    Closes tickets: 1925294

Bug fixes

  • Windows MTP driver: Rewrite parts of the driver in the hope of fixing some rare and hard to reproduce crashes
  • Windows MTP driver: Set modified and created times when putting files/folders on device. Also read modified time correctly.
  • Windows: E-book viewer: Fix switching away from viewer while in full screen and switching back causing some corruption until the page is scrolled

    Closes tickets: 1918591

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused errors when editing empty date values

    Closes tickets: 1925378

  • Get books: Update Gutenberg plugin for website changes
  • E-book viewer: The quick highlight button should replace the style of an existing highlight, when one is selected

    Closes tickets: 1926518

  • Elide long items in the middle when showing the completion popup for tags, to make it easier to use with hierarchical tags

    Closes tickets: 1925247

  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: Fix soft hyphens causing read aloud words to be broken up

    Closes tickets: 1925988

  • E-book viewer: Right clicking when text is selected should extend the selection instead of doing nothing

    Closes tickets: 1925390

  • Fix settings in the ToC Editor tool being forgotten when calibre is closed
  • DOCX Output: Fix conversion failing if the input document has missing images

    Closes tickets: 1926025

  • Content server viewer: Fix mouse wheel scrolling not working on the box used to edit notes for highlights

    Closes tickets: 1925961

  • E-book viewer: Fix read aloud word tracking in flow mode not very reliable
  • E-book viewer: Fix navigation shortcuts not working in Read aloud mode

Improved news sources

  • Barrons
  • Krebs On Security

Release: 5.16.1 [17 Apr, 2021]

Bug fixes

  • CHM Input: Fix handling of some CHM files that use non-ASCII internal filenames and don't specify a character encoding in their metadata

    Closes tickets: 1924703

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that prevented calibre from starting if there was a failure in a third party plugin

    Closes tickets: 1924824

  • Content server viewer: Fix a regression in the previous that broke handling of URLs in stylesheets
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke changing sections in the convert single book dialog after changing the input or output formats

    Closes tickets: 1924767

  • Fix using 'is set' rules not working for column rules with rating values

    Closes tickets: 1924675

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression in 5.15 that causes the viewer to ignore page-break CSS properties (in 5.16.1)
  • Fix a regression that broke using stored templates (in 5.16.1)
  • Fix auto scroll books shortcut not working in standalone cover browser window (in 5.16.1)

    Closes tickets: 1924875

  • E-book viewer: Fix jumping to previous section sometimes not working in flow mode (in 5.16.1)

    Closes tickets: 1924890

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression in 5.15 that broke changing keyboard shortcuts in the viewer preferences (in 5.16.1)

    Closes tickets: 1924853

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression in 5.15 that broke using the delete key to delete highlights (in 5.16.1)

New news sources

  • The Saturday paper by Alistair Francis
  • Crikey by Alistair Francis

Improved news sources

  • Granta
  • New Scientist

Release: 5.15 [16 Apr, 2021]

New features

  • Allow auto scrolling through the list of books by pressing the X key or right clicking on the cover browser

    Closes tickets: 1917634

    Useful to have a "slideshow" of book covers. The speed of scrolling can be controlled in Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser

  • E-book viewer: Speed up first time open for EPUB files with lots of styling
  • E-book viewer preferences: Allow searching for keyboard shortcuts
  • Edit book: Allow editing WEBP images
  • Various improvements to the template language, see https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=337573
  • E-book viewer: Show the current progress percentage in the bottom bar of the viewer controls. This can be customized in the viewer preferences under Headers and footers

    Closes tickets: 1921610

  • E-book viewer: Add an option under Preferences->Miscellaneous to not restore open panels such as Search, Table of Contents etc on restart

    Closes tickets: 1921689

  • When exporting highlights as text or markdown also output top level chapter titles
  • Allow downloading metadata from amazon.se

    Closes tickets: 1922327

  • Preferences->Tweaks: Allow specifying that calibre should open the book details window when double clicking on a book

    Closes tickets: 1922591

  • MOBI Output: Convert WebP images to PNG so they work with Amazon's software

    Closes tickets: 1922341

  • DOCX Input: When converting embedded fonts, replace spaces in the filename with underscores to keep the execrable epubcheck happy

    Closes tickets: 1921793

  • E-book viewer: Selection bar: Add keyboard shortcuts for all buttons. Hover over a button in the bar to see the shortcut

Bug fixes

  • FB2 Output: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that caused paragraphs containing only non-breaking spaces to be removed

    Closes tickets: 1924232

  • Metadata comments editor: Fix setting block alignment destroying other block level properties

    Closes tickets: 1924187

  • E-book viewer: Fix margins not being adjusted immediately when preferences are changed
  • Edit book: Upgrade book internals: Fix skipping the NCX removal dialog not remembering the chosen option

    Closes tickets: 1921604

  • Conversion: When specifying a line-height do not apply it to the <html> tag, as it is pointless and causes the execrable epubcheck to complain

    Closes tickets: 1922570

  • E-book viewer: Improve scrolling behavior when extending the selection using keyboard shortcuts
  • E-book viewer: Fix read percent for HTML files that are rendered in a single screen being 0% rather than 100%
  • E-book viewer: Highlights panel: Do not expand all sections when adding/deleting/modifying highlights

    Closes tickets: 1924598

  • CHM Input: Fix a regression in calibre 5.0 that broke opening of some files that don't specify a character encoding

    Closes tickets: 1922503

  • EPUB2 metadata: Read ISBNs in identifier elements without schemes if they are valid ISBNs and no properly identified isbns are present
  • Update Amazon metadata plugin for changes to amazon websites

    Closes tickets: 1922309

  • Edit book: Fix detection of class names containing hyphens/underscores

New news sources

  • Los Danieles – Columnas sin techo by CAVALENCIA

Improved news sources

  • New Scientist
  • Irish Times
  • 1843
  • The Straits Times

Release: 5.14 [26 Mar, 2021]

New features

  • Edit book: When right clicking on a class in a HTML file, add an option to rename the class throughout the book
  • Adding from ISBN: Add an option to check if there are existing books with the specified ISBNs already in the library

    Closes tickets: 1919103

  • Template tester: Instead of next/last, the template tester now shows the template values for selected books

    Closes tickets: 1920576

  • Content server: Allow swiping left and right to show next/previous book on the book details page

    Closes tickets: 1918047

  • E-book viewer: Make the commonly used Shift+Arrow key shortcuts for modifying selections using the keyboard work. Also add shortcuts for selecting by character, line and paragraph.

    Closes tickets: 1919072

Bug fixes

  • MOBI Output: Fix latest Kindle firmware not displaying select publisher font option for calibre produced AZW3 files

    Closes tickets: 1920613

  • E-book viewer: Fix errors when viewing books with mathematics that are split over multiple internal files

    Closes tickets: 1919033

  • Content server viewer: Fix highlights not sorted correctly in the highlights panel

    Closes tickets: 1918436

  • Get books: Fix Smashwords plugin not working because of website changes

    Closes tickets: 1918737

  • Improve the performance of QuickView especially when using composite columns

    Closes tickets: 1920733

  • Improve performance of the virtual_libraries() template function

    Closes tickets: 1918428

  • Browser viewer: Fix Go to Location not working for positions

    Closes tickets: 1920250

  • E-book viewer: Fix searching in the Table of Contents not working

    Closes tickets: 1905257

  • E-book viewer: In paged mode, fix scrolling not working correctly when margins are set to zero

    Closes tickets: 1918105

  • E-book viewer: Fix incorrect ToC navigation in books that link the entries to inline tags that wrap block tags that span multiple pages

    Closes tickets: 1918437

  • Category editor: Searching in library shouldn't automatically open Quickview

    Closes tickets: 1920592

  • Conversion: Fix a hang caused by long sequences of non-word characters when heuristics are enabled, either explicitly or for some input formats such as TXT

    Closes tickets: 1919260

  • Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke --explode-book and --implode-book actions for calibre-debug.exe
  • Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke setting metadata in RTF files

New news sources

  • ZackZack.at by Dirk Gomez

Release: 5.13 [10 Mar, 2021]

New features

  • E-book Viewer: Allow editing the current book by pressing Ctrl+D or adding a button for it to the viewer tool bar

    Closes tickets: 1917967

  • Edit book: Add a command line flag to allow selecting the specified text when opening a book
  • Edit metadata dialog: When trimming covers, show the size of the current trim region

    Closes tickets: 1917363

Bug fixes

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke sending of emails with text longer than 900 characters
  • E-book viewer: Fix using keyboard to extend selection not turning pages
  • Fix searching for items from the Manage dialog not working correctly

    Closes tickets: 1918030

  • PDF input: Replace paragraph separator characters with spaces

    Closes tickets: 1917386

Improved news sources

  • The Conversation

Release: 5.12 [26 Feb, 2021]

New features

  • E-book viewer: When searching start the search from the current position, jumping to the first match at or after the current page

    Closes tickets: 1915773

  • E-book viewer: Have the Table of Contents view automatically scroll to keep the chapter being read currently visible

    Closes tickets: 1916411

  • Various improvements to the calibre template language, see https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=337573
  • Edit book: File browser: Show total size of items in category when hovering over category with mouse
  • Kobo driver: Add support for latest firmware and also an option to choose the color used for cover letterboxing

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Fix selection popup bar sometimes going off screen when dragging up to the top line of text

    Closes tickets: 1915685

  • Get books: Update the Biblio and Chitanka stores for website changes
  • Edit book: Fix editing of JavaScript files not working

    Closes tickets: 1915770

Improved news sources

  • Slate
  • Harper's Magazine

Release: 5.11 [12 Feb, 2021]

New features

  • Edit book: Add a tool to split the tag at the current cursor position, creating a new tag with the same style and class attributes. To add the tool go to the Toolbars section in the editor preferences

    Closes tickets: 1912958

  • E-book viewer: Show the URL when hovering over external links

    Closes tickets: 1911107

  • E-book viewer: Redesign the reference mode to also work on touch screens without a mouse. Now in reference mode paragraph numbers are displayed for all paragraphs
  • Edit book: Allow Ctrl-clicking on class names to jump to the first style rule that matches the tag and class
  • Content server: When browsing highlights for a book allow selecting multiple highlights to delete or export quickly
  • Allow creating keyboard shortcuts to copy show and view URLs for selected books to clipboard

    Closes tickets: 1912954

  • calibredb: Add a timeout option to control the timeout when connecting to the calibre server

Bug fixes

  • Content server: Fix dragging selection handles not working in Safari

    Closes tickets: 1913854

  • E-book viewer: Fix links with a href of "#" not working

    Closes tickets: 1915303

  • E-book viewer: Hide the controls when clicking the back or forward buttons
  • E-book viewer: When jumping to a highlight using the highlights panel, the back button should return to position before jump

    Closes tickets: 1914921

  • E-book viewer: Fix incorrect tooltip when hovering over a section title in the search results list

    Closes tickets: 1914157

  • HTMLZ Output: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke creating HTMLZ documents when using the option to place CSS inline

Improved news sources

  • Endgadget

Release: 5.10.1 [22 Jan, 2021]

New features

  • Bulk metadata edit: Add a new control to compress the cover image files for all selected books

    Closes tickets: 1911888

  • Add support for the CB7 comic file file format

    Closes tickets: 1912212

  • E-book viewer: Allow adding a button to the selection bar that copies the currently selected text along with a calibre:// URL to show the text in the book

    Closes tickets: 1912070

  • Conversion: Insert metadata: Allow showing identifiers such as ISBN in the jacket page template
  • Conversion: Insert metadata: Allow hiding entries in the jacket template when they are not present in the metadata
  • calibre-server --manage-users: Add a scriptable interface: calibre-server --manage-users -- help

    Closes tickets: 1912337

  • E-book viewer: Add keyboard shortcuts to copy the current location to the clipboard

    Closes tickets: 1912070

  • E-book viewer: Highlight all currently visible Table of Contents entries, not just the first

    Closes tickets: 1912003

  • Add a new tweak under Preferences->Tweaks->Author sort name algorithm to optionally recognize common surname prefixes such as von, van, de, etc. when generating sort names.

Bug fixes

  • E-book viewer: Move read aloud pop-up bar to the bottom of the screen in flow mode

    Closes tickets: 1911470

  • E-book viewer: Fix scrolling with two fingers on touch pad on macOS not smooth

    Closes tickets: 1911218

  • PDF Output: When converting fixed layout input documents fix anchors inserted for navigation sometimes being rendered as blue boxes

    Closes tickets: 1911466

  • Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Fix selectors that don't match from CSS rules containing multiple selectors not being removed

    Closes tickets: 1904350

  • Bulk metadata download: Fix series number not being changes if the series is the same as the existing series
  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused non-HTML descriptions to not be displayed in the metadata page
  • E-book viewer: Fix clock being displayed in 24 hr format on some systems even though system locale is set to use 12 hr format.
  • Bulk metadata edit: Fix regression that inverted the meaning of the case sensitivity setting in the Search & replace tab
  • calibredb list: Fix incorrect output when redirecting to file
  • 5.10.1 fixes a regression in 5.10.0 that broke conversion when including metadata as a jacket page and using long text custom columns

Improved news sources

  • Jacobin
  • Japan Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Mediapart

Release: 5.9 [08 Jan, 2021]

New features

  • Annotations: Allow exporting highlights and bookmarks in Markdown format, with a link to open the book at the highlight location
  • Content server viewer: Allow exporting all highlights

    Closes tickets: 1909529

  • Icon rules editor: Add a button to open the icons folder

    Closes tickets: 1909339

  • Quickview: Dropdown menu for all selectable columns

    Closes tickets: 1909258

Bug fixes

  • Fix a regression that caused the Content server to crash if a client closed a connection during a file transfer on macOS and Linux.

    Closes tickets: 1909880, 1906152

  • LRF Output: Fix conversion broken in calibre 5 when font size rescaling is active

    Closes tickets: 1909224

  • E-book viewer: Cancel any speech in progress when hiding the selection popup bar after triggering the speak aloud action on it
  • Color/icon rules editor: Fix duplicate rule button not working correctly

    Closes tickets: 1909332

  • Fix dropping files onto Book details causing an error if the confirmation dialog is disabled

    Closes tickets: 1909291

New news sources

  • Mallorca Zeitung by VoHegg
  • T-Online by VoHegg
  • El Diario by Dirk Gómez

Improved news sources

  • General Knowledge Today
  • El Pais
  • USA Today
  • WirtchaftsWoche Online
  • The Guardian
  • Arcamax
  • Miami Herald
  • The Seattle Times

Release: 5.8.1 [24 Dec, 2020]

New features

  • Happy holidays to all calibre users!
  • E-book viewer: Add a mode to follow links with only the keyboard (triggered by Alt+F)
  • Edit book: A new option to show a configurable number lines above the current line when syncing the position of the preview panel to the current position in the code editor (under Preview settings in the Editor preferences).

    Closes tickets: 1908929

  • Windows: Automatically resolve shortcuts (.lnk files) when adding books to calibre.

    Closes tickets: 1907410

  • Content server viewer: Don't enter full screen mode automatically when reading on desktop like devices (this can be controlled via a setting in the viewer preferences under Page layout)
  • E-book viewer tool bar: Add a select all action and a Read aloud action (can be added by right clicking the tool bar and configuring it)
  • Template/formatter enhancements: Add a 'for' statement and add the ability for a developer to pass extra information to a template.
  • Rules editors for icon/coloring rules: Add a button to duplicate rules and to convert a rule to advanced template mode

    Closes tickets: 1907919, 1907918

Bug fixes

  • Content server viewer: Fix regression in 5.0 that broke scrolling on iOS
  • E-book viewer: Fix error when scrolling to some search results in flow mode

    Closes tickets: 1908000

  • AZW3 Input: Fix rare AID based links not working.

    Closes tickets: 1898394

  • E-book viewer: Fix clock in header/footer not using system time format

    Closes tickets: 1907907

  • Windows: Fix Read aloud not working with books that have a single large internal text file, such as MOBI or DOCX books
  • PDF Output: Fix a regression causing conversion to fail when typesetting Chinese text
  • Amazon metadata download: Fix no results being found when using the automatic or Google servers because of a change in the markup of the Google search results page.
  • Version 5.8.1 fixes a couple of regressions that broke the Save to disk function and changing Page layout settings in the viewer.

    Closes tickets: 1909217, 1909197

New news sources

  • SchwarzerPfeil by tastytea
  • Substack by topynate

Improved news sources

  • The Australian
  • The Atlantic
  • Zerohedge
  • New York Times Book Review

Release: 5.7.2 [12 Dec, 2020]

New features

  • E-book viewer: Add a "Read aloud" function that works via the operating system's Text-to-speech engine.

    Click the "Read aloud" button in the viewer controls to start reading the book text aloud from the current page.

  • A new busy spinner for waiting animations
  • Edit metadata: Add buttons to easily set yes/no fields also shortcut to clear the field.

    Closes tickets: 1907140

Bug fixes

  • PDF Output: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke text rendering for some fonts due to a bug in Qt WebEngine (full fix is in 5.7.2).

    Closes tickets: 1905967

  • PDF Output: Fix conversion failing when adding header/footer and the input document defines margins/padding on the <html> tag.

    Closes tickets: 1905736

  • Windows: Fix the case of library names in copied calibre:// links sometimes incorrect.

    Closes tickets: 1907159

  • AZW3 Input: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke processing of files with inline flow replacements.

    Closes tickets: 1906459

  • Fix hiding and showing Book details panel changes its size by a pixel or two.

    Closes tickets: 1906149

  • Get books: Fix amazon.fr not working because of website changes.

    Closes tickets: 1907067

  • Bulk metadata search/replace: Fix text transform function not being applied to the test result in character mode
  • Book list: Improve rendering of column headers when they don't fit, by eliding them instead of just cutting off rendering.

    Closes tickets: 1906464

  • Fix template function "first_non_empty" fails if no argument evaluates non-empty

    Closes tickets: 1906063

  • Fix regression in 5.7.0 causing failure to start if one of the previously used libraries had a stored path ending in a slash.

    Closes tickets: 1907773

Improved news sources

  • The Guardian
  • The Atlantic

Release: 5.6 [27 Nov, 2020]

New features

  • Edit book: Show a non-modal popup for a few seconds to allow undoing file delete operations
  • Device books view: Add an action to the context menu to easily jump to the matching book in the calibre library view

    Closes tickets: 1903418

  • Add ability to undo Generate cover in the Edit metadata screen, by long clicking the Generate cover button

    Closes tickets: 1903270

  • Edit book: Allow adding tags to the list of tags for the insert tag button
  • calibredb add: New option --automerge to automatically merge duplicates
  • Add an edit notes action to the context menu in the viewer highlights panel

    Closes tickets: 1905646

  • Content server viewer: Allow viewing images in a new window by right clicking them, matches the calibre builtin viewer behavior

    Closes tickets: 1903333

  • Book details window: Allow opening the edit metadata window using either the keyboard shortcut or the context menu

    Closes tickets: 1903403

  • Allow copying the current search as a calibre:// URL by right clicking the search box
  • Book details panel: Add entries to copy calibre:// links for the current book to the context menu
  • Edit book: Upgrade book: Ask whether to keep the NCX based Table of Contents

Bug fixes

  • Windows: Fix calibre portable launcher not working correctly from root folder in calibre 5.5

    Closes tickets: 1904310

  • macOS: Fix rendering of space after punctuation incorrect in Big Sur

    Closes tickets: 1904505

  • DOCX Input: When converting images placed using the obsolete VML markup default them to being inline rather than block images

    Closes tickets: 1905319

  • Metadata edit dialog: Fix keyboard shortcuts for bold/italic/underline not working when more than one comments editor widget is present on a single tab

    Closes tickets: 1905479

  • When using calibre://show-book URLs and the book is not found, clear any Virtual library or search restriction and then show the book

    Closes tickets: 1905113

  • macOS: Fix calibre:// URLs not working from other documents
  • Fix calibre:// URL search action not changing library if needed
  • annotation_count() template function displaying value for deleted annotations

    Closes tickets: 1904305

  • Edit book: Fix syntax highlighting not recognizing ends-with selector

    Closes tickets: 1905806

Improved news sources

  • The BBC
  • Folha de Sao Paolo
  • Netzpolitik

Release: 5.5 [13 Nov, 2020]

New features

  • Support the calibre:// URL scheme

    Clicking on calibre:// URLs can be used to have calibre perform various actions. For details, see: https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/url_scheme.html

  • Viewer: Show calibre:// URL for current book in the Goto->Location panel
  • Edit book: Add an action to the right click menu for tabs to close tabs to the right of the current tab.

    Closes tickets: 1902518

  • Add ability to copy tag, publisher and author in Book details panel by right-clicking

    Closes tickets: 1902413

  • Annotations browser: Add a context menu for common actions.

    Closes tickets: 1902326

  • Annotations browser: Show a dot for highlights with notes.

    Closes tickets: 1899839

  • Edit book: Saved searches panel: Allow copying the current saved search to the regular search panel by clicking the Export button.

    Closes tickets: 1902227

  • Windows: Fix command line arguments not working for the portable.exe launchers
  • Viewer: back and forward buttons on the mouse now trigger the back and forward actions
  • Option to mark all books with annotations/bookmarks

    Closes tickets: 1902313

  • Various minor improvements to how keyboard focus is handled in the Tag browser

Bug fixes

  • Edit book: Fix regression in calibre 5 that caused an error when managing user dictionaries.

    Closes tickets: 1903294

  • Viewer: Fix previous/next buttons iterating over removed bookmarks

    Closes tickets: 1903831

  • Welcome wizard: Fix changing the language causing a empty folder to be created.

    Closes tickets: 1903825

  • Viewer: Fix regression causing custom shortcuts with Shift key pressed not working

    Closes tickets: 1903699

  • Viewer: In dark mode when showing images with transparency in the popup use a light background color as most images are designed with a light background color in mind.

    Closes tickets: 1903423

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke conversion of DJVU files

    Closes tickets: 1903428

  • Metadata edit: "Set to Undefined" button missing on integer columns.

    Closes tickets: 1903363

  • Entry remains underlined in Tag Browser after clearing filter

    Closes tickets: 1903086

  • XML Catalogs: Fix languages field missing

    Closes tickets: 1902126

  • Fix a regression that broke loading of third party plugins that are encoded in an encoding other than UTF-8
  • macOS: Fix viewer not responding to cmd+c to copy text by default
  • Windows: Fix sending email on computers with non-ASCII computer names

Improved news sources

  • Spectator Magazine

Release: 5.4.2 [30 Oct, 2020]

New features

  • Windows: Allow adding of books to calibre from folders whose path length is larger than 260 characters

    Closes tickets: 1900761

  • Tag browser: Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to allow the tag browser to get keyboard focus
  • Tag browser: Allow editing the set of permissible values and colors for a custom column with fixed values, by right clicking on it.
  • Edit metadata dialog: Make most custom metadata controls use only a single line.

    Elide the names of custom columns that are longer than a fixed width, instead of using multiple lines. Configurable via Preferences->Tweaks->Edit metadata custom column label length

  • Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Add an option to merge CSS rules that have identical properties
  • Book details window: Double clicking on the cover now shows it in the default system image viewer.

    Closes tickets: 1901379

  • News download: Allow passing username/password in feed URLs.

    Closes tickets: 1900874

  • Open with: Allow renaming Open with applications.

    Closes tickets: 1900890

Bug fixes

  • Viewer: Fix jumping to search result not always working in flow mode.

    Closes tickets: 1900868

  • Get Books: Update Google and Gutenberg plugins for website changes
  • Viewer: Fix keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl+Alt+letter key not working on Windows.

    Closes tickets: 1900946

  • Viewer: Fix keyboard shortcuts to shrink/grow selection not working.

    Closes tickets: 1900942

  • Viewer: Fix keyboard shortcut to toggle highlights panel not working when the highlights panel is itself focused.

    Closes tickets: 1900938

  • Viewer: handle editing of missing highlights more gracefully

    Closes tickets: 1900358

  • Drivers: Fix regression in calibre 5 that broke connecting to SONY devices

    Closes tickets: 1901289

  • Open with: On Linux when reading names from .desktop files, use the first matching language

    Closes tickets: 1901276

  • Conversion: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke conversion of some malformed CSS stylesheets.

    Closes tickets: 1901593

  • Conversion: Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke processing of some PDB files with images.

    Closes tickets: 1901957

  • Conversion: Fix regression in calibre 5 in the handling of @import() rules in stylesheets that import from folders above themselves.

    Closes tickets: 1901278

  • Content server: Fix various controls on the book details page not working when viewing a random book.

    Closes tickets: 1901232, 1901230

  • Tag browser: Fix a crash when renaming a saved search to a value that already exists.

    Closes tickets: 1901273

  • Tag browser: Fix renaming of custom column with fixed set of values not working.

    Closes tickets: 1900921

  • Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke auto-sync of generated catalogs to devices.

    Closes tickets: 1901630

  • Fix setting rating via ebook-meta command line tool broken in calibre 5.

    Closes tickets: 1901113

  • When boolean columns are set to bistate, checking "show checkmarks" results in all non-boolean values being shown as false

    Closes tickets: 1900099

  • Spell check: Fix using non UTF-8 dictionaries broken in calibre 5
  • Fix a rare issue where restarting calibre from within the program would fail.
  • Version 5.4.2 fixes bugs in 5.4.0 that prevented calibre from starting on macOS and from choosing save file names on Windows.

Improved news sources

  • Psychology Today
  • Washington Post
  • LifeHacker
  • The Atlantic
  • New York Review of Books

Release: 5.3 [16 Oct, 2020]

New features

  • Tag browser: When grouping items by first letter if adjacent letters have few entries combine them into a single group.

    Can be controlled via an option in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to combine 'first letters' together if there are a small number of items under adjacent letters

  • Viewer: Allow displaying the current page / total pages in the header/footer. Useful in paged mode to see exactly how many pages are left.

    Closes tickets: 1899163

  • Viewer search panel: Show more result context in a tooltip when hovering over a search result.

    Closes tickets: 1899834

  • DOCX Input: Add support for Word controls used to rotate or flip images

    Only works with output formats such as EPUB that support CSS transforms

  • Viewer image pop-up: Allow maximizing/minimizing the window.

    Closes tickets: 1899762

  • Edit metadata dialog: Use only a single line for custom column date fields
  • Add an item to search for categories to the category editor context menu.

    Closes tickets: 1899341

  • Category editor: Add a right click menu to change case of the selected entries.

    Closes tickets: 1899316

Bug fixes

  • Fix a regression in 5.0 that caused performance of dialogs that contain title/series/tags edit fields to be very poor with large libraries.

    Closes tickets: 1898221

  • Fix a regression in 5.0 that caused some pop-up menus to appear on the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups
  • macOS: Fix a long standing bug that prevented drag and drop of multiple items
  • Windows: Fix a regression that broke scanning for default programs for the Open with action
  • Windows: Fix a regression in 5.0 causing some MOBI files with non-BMP characters not being processed correctly.

    Closes tickets: 1898894

  • E-book viewer: Fix scrolling past the end of chapter boundaries not working in books that have negative margins
  • Edit metadata dialog: fix incorrect rendering of custom column names that start with emoji.

    Closes tickets: 1899466

  • Quickview: Fix nothing shown after clearing the search.

    Closes tickets: 1899318

  • Dark mode: Fix radio buttons having no outline.

    Closes tickets: 1900022

  • Annotations browser: When showing a book in the calibre library that is not currently visible, display an error.

    Closes tickets: 1900066

New news sources

  • Deutsche Welle by VoHe

Improved news sources

  • Reuters

Release: 5.2 [07 Oct, 2020]

New features

  • Browse annotations: Add a check box to restrict the displayed annotations to only the books currently selected in the calibre library.

    Closes tickets: 1897354

  • Allow storing and calling functions in the calibre template language (Preferences->Template functions)
  • Add a shortcut (Shift+V) to open the last read book.

    Closes tickets: 1897336

Bug fixes

  • Fix import errors with some third party plugin on Windows
  • Viewer: Fix toolbar show controls button not working when no book is open.

    Closes tickets: 1898598

  • Viewer: Fix incorrect positioning of context menu for viewer toolbar.

    Closes tickets: 1898577

  • MOBI Input: Fix regression that broke reading of some documents
  • Bulk metadata search and replace: Fix some regular expression causing errors with the new regex engine
  • Fix a regression that broke application of plugboards when sending by e-mail
  • ODT Input: Fix a regression that broke conversion of ODT files with footnotes.

    Closes tickets: 1898441

  • Viewer: Fix mouse wheel not working while selection bar is visible

    Closes tickets: 1898413

  • Viewer: Fix selection popup bar not always close to mouse when ending select-to-drag
  • Fix calibre-server not exiting on Ctrl+C on Windows
  • Content server OPDS feeds: Fix error if the metadata for a book contains particular Unicode characters.

    Closes tickets: 1897410

  • Edit book: Reports tool: Fix a regression that broke sorting.

    Closes tickets: 1898167

  • HTMLZ Output: Fix an error when converting a document that has SVG images

Release: 5.1 [02 Oct, 2020]

New features

  • Enhancement: allow using templates in search expressions
  • Viewer lookup panel: Add a checkbox to disable automatic update of lookup when the selected text changes.

    Closes tickets: 1897435

  • Viewer: Allow skipping the confirmation when using the remove highlight button in the popup bar.

    Closes tickets: 1897415

Bug fixes

  • ToC Editor: Fix bulk rename of entries not working

    Closes tickets: 1897618

  • Linux: Fix right clicking on system tray icon not working

    Closes tickets: 1897571

  • Fix User category based searches unreliable dues to caching issues

    Closes tickets: 1897356

  • PDF Output: Don't fail if the input document has an html file identified as the cover
  • Catalog generation: Fix a regression that broke generating catalogs if books with no comments are present.

    Closes tickets: 1897467

  • Windows: Fix error on first run of calibre after install/upgrade

    Closes tickets: 1897314

  • Viewer: Fix copy to clipboard button in toolbar not working
  • Viewer: Fix copy to clipboard not copying text as HTML to clipboard in addition to plain text

    Closes tickets: 1897297

  • macOS: Fix some drop down menus such as in the ToC editor and cover generation in the Edit metadata dialog not working

    Closes tickets: 1897409

Release: 5.0.1 [25 Sep, 2020]

New features

Bug fixes

  • Version 5.0.1 fixes a bug in 5.0.0 that broke connecting to devices on macOS

Release: 4.23 [21 Aug, 2020]

New features

  • Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware. Also add recognition of 'Kobo Plus' subscription books
  • Edit book: Allow customizing the base background/foreground and link colors for the preview window.

    Closes tickets: 1889925

  • Quickview panel: Add actions to the context menu to search for book in library, open in E-book viewer, etc.

    Closes tickets: 1891765

  • Allow forcing calibre to remember the column width for the On device column by right clicking the header of the column
  • Template language: Add functions to perform math operations to convert fractional numbers to integers

Bug fixes

  • Content server: Fix Esc key not working in several views.

    Closes tickets: 1849958

  • Fix unable to delete default value for custom columns of boolean type, once set

    Closes tickets: 1889973

  • EPUB Output: When splitting don't consider files with only a single character empty
  • Comments editor: Fix syntax coloring for HTML view in dark mode
  • Book list: When a series column is not wide enough, elide text in the middle so that the series number is visible

New news sources

  • linuxnews.de and t3n.de by Volker Heggemann

Improved news sources

  • El Diplo
  • calibre Blog
  • ESPN
  • LA Times
  • Winnipeg Free Press
  • Popular Science
  • Science News Recent Issues
  • Edit book: Add a tool to transform HTML tags based on rules (Tools->Transform HTML) [5.32]

    Allows for making transformations such as changing one html tag to another, deleting tags, wrapping them in another tag, etc. Also available during conversions via the Look & feel->Transform HTML section of the conversion dialog.

  • E-book viewer: Add a "Read aloud" function that works via the operating system's Text-to-speech engine. [5.7.2]

    Click the "Read aloud" button in the viewer controls to start reading the book text aloud from the current page.

  • Support the calibre:// URL scheme [5.5]

    Clicking on calibre:// URLs can be used to have calibre perform various actions. For details, see: https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/url_scheme.html

  • For details on the major changes in calibre between 4.0 and 5.0, see https://calibre-ebook.com/new-in/fourteen [5.0.1]
  • E-book viewer: Add support for highlighting [5.0.1]


  • E-book viewer: Add support for right-to-left and vertical text [5.0.1]
  • Switch calibre to Python 3. This means that some no longer maintained third party plugins will not work. See https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=326405 [5.0.1]

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