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Zobacz, co nowego w calibre 7.0

Wydanie: 7.14 [12 Jul, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Book details: When dropping files add an option to add them to the book as data files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2072442

  • Edit book: A new action to toggle line wrapping mode in all code editors. Can be assigned via Preferences->Keyboard shortcuts->Global actions or added to the toolbar via Preferences->Toolbars->Book wide actions
  • Kobo driver: Add an option to force the SeriesID for all books in a series to have the same value

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke merging of books when the confirmation for the merge was disabled

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2071458

  • E-book viewer: Allow some header and footer items such as progress to overflow instead of being truncated

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2072412

  • HTMLZ output: Make renaming of image files happen in filename order

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2072405

  • MTP driver: Fix infinite loop when connecting to some devices with more 65K objects in their filesystem

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2072384

  • Fix shortcut editing widget when Qt is using a theme that inserts accelerators into push button labels automatically

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  • Ancient Egypt Magazine, Minerva Magazine, Military History Magazine and World Archaeology Magazine autorstwa unkn0wn

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  • Instapaper
  • MIT Tech Review
  • Guardian
  • Liberation
  • The Times and Sunday Times
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Times Literary Supplement

Wydanie: 7.13 [28 Jun, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • When merging books add an option to store discarded or replaced covers as an alternate cover in the data folder of the target book

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2071033

  • Generate CSV catalog: Add a button to sort the fields by the order in which they appear in the book list

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2068070

Poprawione błędy

  • MTP driver: Preserve cover aspect ratio for thumbnail generation

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2067755

  • Fix identifiers not always being merged correctly when merging books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2071044

  • DOCX Input: Fix extra left padding when converting lists

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2069541

  • Amazon metadata download: Get title and comments for audiobook pages
  • Amazon metadata: When filtering search engine results by title ignore words of the title that are purely punctuation
  • When matching books on a device to book in the library assume a match if the title and any one author match, don't require all authors to match
  • Update Google Images cover download plugin for website changes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2069553

  • When adding new books if the timestamp is specified as undefined use the current timestamp

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2069494

  • Content server: Fix systemd pre-activated socket not working
  • Content server: Fix no KFX download link in OPDS acquisition feeds

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2071390

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  • Times Literary Supplement autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Wall Street Journal Magazine autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Various Valnet Publishing Group recipes autorstwa Spicy Poison
  • VOX, The Good E-reder and The e-book Reader autorstwa SpicyPoison
  • Gates Notes, Greatist, Halthline and United Nations autorstwa SpicyPoison

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  • Harpers
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Liberation
  • How to Geek
  • Make Use Of
  • TechCrunch
  • LifeHacker
  • India Today
  • 1843
  • Reuters
  • The Week India
  • Slate

Wydanie: 7.12 [30 May, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book polishing: Add option to download external resources (images/stylesheets/etc.)

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2067167

  • Conversion: Add an option under Structure detection to automatically fill in blank alt attributes for images that have alt text in the image file metadata
  • Content server: Use the book title as the filename for downloaded highlights

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2067437

  • Review downloaded metadata dialog: Add a "Previous" button to go back to the last reviewed book

Poprawione błędy

  • Content server viewer: Fix the bottom of the text being cut off on mobile browsers when not in full screen mode. Unfortunately, this means the viewer now requires a browser no more than two years old.
  • Kindle driver: Increase the size of the cover thumbnails sent to the Scribe

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2067168

  • Kindle output: Fix cover images that contain EXIF data without a rotation not displaying on the Kindle lockscreen

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1943495

  • E-book viewer: Fix ruby tags not excluded when searching for text
  • Content server viewer: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke searching

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2067128

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Economist Espresso
  • Slate

Wydanie: 7.11 [24 May, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Kindle driver: Add support for sending cover thumbnails to the Kindle Scribe
  • A new options under Preferences->Look & feel to draw covers with rounded corners
  • Bulk metadata edit: Add a new tab where you can create rules to transform tags/authors/publishers for the selected books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2064674

  • Tag browser context menu for Formats now has Open with menu items

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2065544

  • E-book viewer: When hovering over the top/bottom margin show a button indicating that a click will open the viewer controls. Can be configured via The Headers and footers section of the viewer Preferences.

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2064665

  • Spell check dialog: Also show count of currently displayed words

Poprawione błędy

  • E-book viewer: Fix searching not ignoring ruby text

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2065249

  • Edit book: Save the state of the current book when opening a new book via File->Open book
  • Edit book: Fix importing a list of words into a user dictionary not working

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2064887

  • EPUB3 metadata: Do not fail to read metadata in the presence on invalid calibre user metadata in the OPF file with empty keys
  • Get books: Fix rules to map tags on adding books not being applied to books downloaded via Get books
  • Spellcheck dialog: Move the checkbox to hide correctly spelled words with the rest of the checkboxes that filter the word list

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2064792

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  • Collider, Comic Book Archive, Make Use Of, MoviewWeb and ScreenRant autorstwa Spicy Poison
  • Lex Fridman Podcast autorstwa unkn0wn

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  • Slate
  • Wall Street Journal
  • London Review of Books
  • Economist
  • Bloomberg
  • Business Week
  • The World Ahead
  • National Geographic

Wydanie: 7.10 [03 May, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Export of calibre data: Ensure individual part files in the exported data are no larger than one gigabyte even if the library contains individual files larger than that size.

    Note that this means that exports created by calibre from this version on will not be importable by earlier versions. However, exports from earlier versions should still be importable.

  • Edit book: Spell check: Add options to exclude words in ALL CAPS or with numbers or in camelCase/snake_case from the list of words
  • Allow easily inverting the current search via the right click menu on the search box

Poprawione błędy

  • Kobo driver: Fix database unsupported error with newest firmware

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2064546

  • DOCX Input: Fix text elements containing only whitespace being incorrectly ignored

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2063301

  • Bulk metadata dialog: Do not fail when setting covers from ebook files and some of the files have invalid covers

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Economist
  • The Week
  • Caravan Magazine
  • Financial Times

Wydanie: 7.9 [19 Apr, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Kobo driver: Add support for the new color Kobo devices

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2060886

  • Edit book: Add a setting to control cursor width under Preferences->Editor settings
  • Edit book: Regex-function mode: Show a confirmation popup when closing the function editor when there are unsaved changes

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix undocked Quickview dialog not being restored at startup

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2060314

  • Windows: Fix an issue where closing a maximized calibre window to the system tray and then reconnecting with remote desktop would cause a blank calibre window to be displayed

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2044118

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  • El Correo
  • Eenadu
  • ORFonline
  • NatGeo
  • Harpers Magazine
  • New Yorker
  • Business Today
  • The Week
  • Asahi Shimbun
  • Outlook Magazine

Wydanie: 7.8 [05 Apr, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: Highlight panel: Allow filtering the shown highlights by type of highlight

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2057929

  • Conversion: Add support for the CSS text-transform property when subsetting embedded fonts
  • E-book viewer: Allow displaying the view mode paged/flow in the header/footer

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2060079

  • Book details popup window: Allow dropping of files to add formats/set the cover just as for the book details panel

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2059162

  • Book details: Context menu: Add a menu action to remove the associated link

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2058814

  • DOCX Input: Add role=doc-noteref for links to footnotes/endnotes so that they popup in more e-book readers
  • Add a "Mark all selected books" to the Mark action.
  • Add "Hide Empty Categories" to tag browser configuration menu

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2059169

  • Supernote: Support for new device firmware
  • Sort by tool: Add an action to re-apply the current sort

Poprawione błędy

  • Grid view cover cache: Fix covers not loading when cache entries are stale
  • Conversion: Do not change viewport relative font sizes used for SVG text elements

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2058798

  • Conversion: Fix <style> tags inside <svg> tags not being processed

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2058798

  • Get books: Update Kobo store plugin for website changes
  • EPUB Input: Use a translated name for the cover page

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  • Bergfreunde Blog autorstwa VoHe
  • Live Law and autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Caravan
  • Global Times
  • New York Review of Books
  • Himal Southasian
  • The Week
  • CBC Canada

Wydanie: 7.7 [14 Mar, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Trim image: Allow specifying the size of the trim rectangle using numbers

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2056116

  • Full text search: Allow pressing Ctrl+S to select the current book in the calibre book list

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2056664

  • Speed up scrolling through the book list book-by-book by only redrawing the book details panel when scrolling pauses
  • Add a tweak under Preferences->Tweaks to set the first day of the week in popup calendars used to input dates

Poprawione błędy

  • CHM Input: Handle CHM files with no HHC Table of Contents

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2056470

  • E-book viewer: Fix a few settings such as pages per screen and header/footers not being saved in profiles
  • Full text search: Ignore text inside <ruby> tags when indexing books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2056614

  • DOCX Output: Preserve spaces around soft hyphens
  • Book details popup: Copy the original cover image to the clipboard even when the image is rescaled to fit into view
  • Fix changing disabled colors in the UI color palette overriding non-disabled colors
  • Content server: Fix deletion of viewer profiles not working

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • LiveMint
  • Bloomberg
  • National Geographic
  • MIT Technology Review
  • NY Review of Books
  • Scientific American

Wydanie: 7.6 [01 Mar, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: Allow saving current settings in "profiles" that can be quickly and easily swapped between

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1979022

    To create a profile or switch to a previously saved profile access "Profiles" from the viewer controls or press the `Alt+P` shortcut.

  • Edit book: Add a shortcut `Ctrl+M` to merge selected files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2053144

  • Get books: Add support for Amazon Mexico
  • A new toolbar button to show all available actions in sub menus. Can be added via `Preferences->Toolbars & menus`
  • Edit book: Allow selecting multiple books to edit at once, opening all selected books in separate editor instances

Poprawione błędy

  • Cover grid: Fix dragging the mouse while holding shift to extend the selection not working well

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2054617

  • E-book viewer: Fix doing a multi-page selections sometimes causing the start of the selection to move backwards

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2054934

  • Edit book: Live CSS: Fix regression causing incorrect colors in calibre 7
  • Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 7 that caused images in long text columns to not be displayed in the tooltip for the column
  • Fix disabled items in menus having blurry text
  • Content server: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused an error when doing a search/sort on some browsers

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  • The Week UK autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Andhrajyothy autorstwa unkn0wn

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  • New Yorker
  • Moneycontrol
  • Swarajya Mag
  • Pro Physik

Wydanie: 7.5.1 [09 Feb, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Allow fine tuning the colors used in the calibre interface via Preference->Look & feel->Main interface->User interface colors

    Note that calibre no longer follows system colors on Linux in light mode (the only place where it used to follow system colors). However, there is a convenient button in the manage colors dialog to import the system colors.

  • Full text search window: Add actions to the context menu to open the book at the clicked on result. Also allow using the view book shortcut to open the currently selected search result

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2052462

  • When showing the Full text search dialog, pre populate the search box with the contents of the main calibre search box if the main search box contains a simple search

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2052460

Poprawione błędy

  • Windows: Fix a regression in 7.0 that caused images referring to files on the disk within comments columns to not display in some circumstances
  • E-book viewer: Fix clock showing hour as zero instead of 12 between 12 and 1 am/pm
  • Edit book: When wrapping selected text in a tag, preserve the selection after wrapping

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2050100

  • Content server: Fix a periodic spurious error message when reading books in offline mode

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2050075

  • Fix a regression in 7.0 caused by a regression in Qt that would result in calibre hanging rarely when using the cover browser view
  • Fix custom template functions not useable in save to disk templates

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2049992

  • Fix a regression in 7.2 that caused the popup used for editing fields in the book list to be mis-positioned on very wide monitors
  • Version 7.5.1 fixes a bug in 7.5.0 where calibre would not start up using dark colors when the system was in dark mode on some windows installs and another bug that could cause errors when using cover grid mode with covers stored in CMYK colorspace

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2052766

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  • ugeskriftet autorstwa morusn
  • Martin Fowler and Gitbug Blogs autorstwa Lucas Lois

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  • El Diplo
  • Science News
  • Barrons
  • Financial Times
  • Business Today
  • Le Monde
  • Scientific American

Wydanie: 7.4 [19 Jan, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Add support for the Supernote A6X2
  • Narrow layout: Place the cover browser above the book list when the window has a narrow aspect ratio. Can be controlled via Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser
  • Category notes browser: Add a button to search for books in the currently selected category

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2046825

  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle main window layout (Alt+Shift+L)
  • Add the possibility to assign keyboard shortcuts to the tag browser sort functions

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the cover browser to not close when it is used as a separate window
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused comments in the Book details panel to be rendered below rather than at the side of the other information
  • Edit book: Fix highlighting of special character not changed immediately after it is edited, only after a subsequent action
  • Move Preferences to the left in the default toolbar, making it less likely to be hidden behind an expander button on small screens

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • LiveMint
  • Foreign Policy
  • New Scientist

Wydanie: 7.3 [05 Jan, 2024]

Nowe funkcje

  • Tag browser: Allow displaying buttons next to items that have notes or links for easy access. To enable these use Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser
  • Font subsetting: Preserve all OpenType layout features. This makes the subset font files larger but ensures there is no visual degradation when using the subsetted font files in different contexts.

Poprawione błędy

  • macOS: Fix main calibre window not remembering its size on restart
  • Edit book: Fix the "Show changes" window moving down by a few pixels every time it is opened
  • Amazon metadata download: Fixes for various changes to amazon website markup

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2047257

  • E-book viewer: When looking up words via Google in Europe pre-approve the GDPR consent cookie

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2047181

  • Windows: Content server: Fix regression in previous release that broke testing for local connections

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2046673

  • Windows: Fix a regression that caused selections in the Book details panel to be invisible

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Hindustan Times Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Foreign Policy
  • Business Standard
  • Il Post
  • Indian Express
  • Washington Post

Wydanie: 7.2 [15 Dec, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Content server: Also listen for all incoming IPv6 connections by default, not just IPv4
  • Book details: Allow deleting notes from the right click menu easily

Poprawione błędy

  • Windows: Edit book: Fix a crash when using the check book tool with a book that contains malformed markup, in calibre 7

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2045133

  • Windows: Improve flickering at startup due to a Qt regression in calibre 7
  • Windows: Fix moving the main window causing popup/floating windows to be resized in calibre 7 due to yet another Qt regression
  • Fix detection of existing books on the Tolino Vision 6

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2044659

  • Linux: Fix external applications not being launched under Wayland in calibre 7 because of a bug in Qt
  • Linux: Fix network requests failing under Fedora in calibre 7

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Reuters
  • Scientific American
  • New Yorker
  • Times of India
  • infzm
  • singtaohk

Wydanie: 7.1 [23 Nov, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Notes editor: When pasting HTML with images offer to download remote images in the pasted content

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix regression in 7.0 that broke restore of db from backups
  • Content server: Fix newly added books on homepage not restricted to the books the logged in user is allowed to access
  • When starting in system tray do not flash the main window briefly

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2044118

  • Notes editor: Fix spurious error message when saving a note that contains pasted HTML that refers to an image
  • Fix a regression that caused the unknown/unset date to incorrectly be displayed/edited as a date in the year AD 101 in some timezones

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2043998

  • Comments editor: Fix data file links not working
  • Linux installer: Check that the user has installed. If not quit early with an error message asking them to install it
  • LRF Output: Fix a regression in 7.0 that broke conversion to LRF

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2044408

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The World Ahead autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Substack

Wydanie: 7.0 [17 Nov, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • For details on the major changes in calibre between 7.0 and 6.0, see
  • The ability to add notes to any author, tag, series, etc. in calibre with links and images
  • E-book viewer: Add support for HTML image maps

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2040487

  • Content server home page: Show the three most recently added books in the default library
  • Content server: Add button to return to book details page at top level of controls
  • Content server: Book details: Open links in comments fields in the same window rather than a new window
  • Add a "Show items in selected books" choice to Manage tags and Manage authors
  • Show the previously used language, if any, second in the language selection drop down

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2042804

Poprawione błędy

  • Metadata download: Fix downloads from Google not working in Europe because of the GDPR

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2043415

  • Fix editing dates with days sometimes off by one day

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2042815

  • Edit book: Fix highlighting for special characters not visible when the cursor is on the line with the special character
  • Fix embedding metadata showing infinite error dialogs on windows if a file is locked by another program

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2043248

  • PDF Output: Fix an error when trying to set header or footer with an input document that has invalid content after the main body

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2040074

  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: Fix clicking on empty spaces causing read aloud to restart from beginning of chapter

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2042791

  • Book details: Fix Manage authors via context menu not working
  • E-book viewer: Showing chrome should close an active footnote popup first and only show chrome if the user repeats the action

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2041848

  • Fix very slow metadata updates on some PDF files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2041745

  • Catalogs: Do not erase any tags the user adds to a catalog book entry when the catalog is re-generated

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1262875

  • Linux installer: Fix downloading of signatures for older versions

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2042748

  • Fix editing non-active Virtual library changes sort of book list

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2041357

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  • Bookforum, Kirkus Reviews and Poetry Magazine autorstwa ping

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  • Financial Times
  • National Geographic
  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Times of India
  • MIT Tech Review
  • Bloomberg
  • Washington Post
  • Project Syndicate
  • Cumhuriyet
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Wall Street Journal

Wydanie: 6.29 [20 Oct, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: Add a command line flag --new-instance to force the viewer to open a new window even if the option to always use a single viewer window is set

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038760

  • E-book viewer: Image popup: Add a checkbox to remember the last used zoom level

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038862

Poprawione błędy

  • Annotations browser: Fix exporting highlights in markdown not including all chapter titles for books with only a single highlight per chapter or a multi level ToC

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2039336

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that could cause the viewer to enter an infinite loop when displaying the result of a search that has only one match that is not found

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038747

  • E-book viewer: Fix the occasional search result being marked as not found even though it is found

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038747

  • TXTZ Output plugin: Only keep images if the text format is one that can reference images

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2039474

  • TXTZ Output: Fix cover not being properly identified in the generated TXTZ metadata

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038848

  • FB2 Input: Fix the "Annotations" section not showing up in the Table of Contents

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038575

  • Linux: Content server: Do not call listen on pre-activated sockets

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2039395

  • Fix sort order of similarly-named hierarchical categories
  • Fix a regression that broke reading of covers from HTMLZ and TXTZ files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038778

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Project Syndicate, and Newslaundry autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Scientific American
  • 1843
  • Financial Times
  • Spectator Magazine
  • El Diplo
  • Wasshington Post
  • national Geographic

Wydanie: 6.28.1 [07 Oct, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Edit book: Show full path to book being edited in the status bar
  • Edit book: When adding dictionaries allow directly a LibreOffice adding the dictionary just by choosing the language
  • Edit book: When saving a copy add some convenience actions to edit the copy immediately either in the current editor window or a new window
  • E-book viewer: Highlights panel: Allow right clicking to export only selected highlights

Poprawione błędy

  • Edit book: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused Text search to sometimes not select matches correctly

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034900

  • Edit book: When copying files do it in order so that the files are pasted in the same order when pasting into another editor instance

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2037198

  • Edit book: Fix smart tag insert not working correctly if the selected text starts with the closing angle bracket of a tag
  • Save to disk: Do not limit the total path length to 240 characters on non-Windows platforms

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2038238

  • Fix incorrect cover for AZW3 version of calibre User Manual

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2037898

  • Content server: Change formatting of book details to match new de-emphasized titles based formatting in the main calibre program

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2029723

  • PDF metadata: Fix a regression that broke updating metadata in PDF files without an /Info dictionary
  • NOOK driver: For the Glowlight 2023 write the calibre metadata files into the NOOK sub-folder as the firmware does not allow writing files into the root folder
  • NOOK driver: Fix Glowlight 2023 not being detected on Linux and macOS
  • E-book viewer: Make CFI calculation more robust especially on pages with very little content

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2037454

  • E-book viewer: Workaround bug in Chromium where getBoundingClientRect() fails sometimes leading to incorrect calculation of anchor positions

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2037543

  • Fix errors caused by .DS_Store files inserted into the .caltrash directory on macOS if the user happens to open .caltrash in Finder

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2037237

  • Version 6.28.1 fixes a regression in 6.28.0 that could cause errors when merging some book records in calibre

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Business Standard Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • National Geographic
  • Bloomberg
  • Endgadget
  • Times of India
  • Horizons

Wydanie: 6.27 [22 Sep, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Kobo driver: Support updated firmware

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034954

  • Nook driver: Add support for Nook Glowlight Plus 2023
  • Data files manager: Allow drag and drop of files onto the list of files to add new files
  • Support 7z archives in addition to ZIP and RAR for automatic ebook extraction when adding to calibre

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2036266

  • Linux/macOS: Fix detection of the Kindle Scribe with MTP firmware
  • E-book viewer: Allow clearing list of recently opened books from the open button's popup menu itself

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034760

  • E-book viewer: Add a link to show the currently viewed book in the calibre library (Go to->Metadata in the viewer controls to access it)

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034905

Poprawione błędy

  • Book information dialog: Fix a regression that caused incorrect color for titles in dark mode

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034999

  • E-book viewer: Fix searching does not jump to first match if all matches are before current position in book

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034977

  • EPUB Output: Fix duplicated title page entry in spine for books that define a title page that ends up getting split

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2035579

  • Allow for-light/dark-theme icon overrides to work for plugin icons placed by the user in the override folder
  • PDF Output: Fix background image + text not rendering correctly if the same background image is used with different text multiple times

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2035338

  • E-book viewer: Fix section titles in highlights panel being incorrectly expanded to full titles when the section has multiple highlights

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034968

  • Prevent Quickview window from opening in the background

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2035039

  • Edit book: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused an error when doing text based searches

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034900

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Times of India Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Hindu Feeds based autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Australian Financial Review autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Ambito
  • Financial Times
  • USA Today

Wydanie: 6.26 [08 Sep, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • MTP driver: Support the new Kindle Scribe firmware that causes it to act as an MTP device instead of USB disk. Add "Documents" to the list of default folders to send books to
  • E-book viewer: Add a new option under scrolling behavior to control horizontal mouse wheel events jumping to next section
  • Allow full customization of Book details styling via Preferences->Look & feel->Book details

Poprawione błędy

  • Get books: Update plugin for website changes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023046

  • Edit book: Fix searching for non-BMP unicode characters highlighting only half the character
  • E-book viewer: Fix displaying more than one page per screen causing page layout to be slightly wrong for some books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034075

  • E-book viewer: Fix clicking on links with empty destinations hanging the viewer

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2034404

  • E-book viewer: Fix modifying, then jumping to and then modifying the highlight again from the highlights panel causing the highlight to be deleted

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2033981

  • E-book viewer: Fix indication of current section in Table of Contents sometimes wrong after changing font size

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2033205

  • E-book viewer/Content server: Disallow browser native context menu when right clicking in sandboxed iframes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2033530

  • MTP driver: Ignore top level folders whose names start with a leading dot Also ignore AppleDouble files, top level system and fonts folders and sdr folders on Kindle devices
  • FB2 Input: use the <p> tag for paragraphs that don't contain other block content

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2033074

  • E-book viewer: Fix clicking on the back/forward buttons not working in some situations

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2033118

  • E-book viewer: Fix scrolling to Table of Contents items that are within a single internal file not activating the back button

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2032974

  • E-book viewer: Fix changing the sans-serif font without also changing the monospaced font not working

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2032694

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Nikkei Asia (Magazine) and Espresso autorstwa unkn0w7n

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • National Geographic
  • Sportstar
  • Bangkok Post
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Bloomberg
  • Economic Times India
  • Firstpost

Wydanie: 6.25 [18 Aug, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Book details panel: De-emphasize titles making the actual data stand out more

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2029723

  • Allow using the new manage data files dialog from within the edit metadata dialog
  • Trash dialog: Allow right clicking on an entry to save it to disk

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2030342

  • When merging books by drag-and-drop add an option to use the dragged cover instead of the cover in the target book

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2027794

  • Create catalog: Add buttons to easily select all/non/visible fields when creating CSV/XML catalogs

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2031571

  • Preferences->Add your own columns: Add buttons to show/hide all columns

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2031570

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke parsing of some ISO-8601 timestamps

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2031341

  • E-book viewer: Mouse wheel horizontal events should jump sections not internal file boundaries

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2030671

  • Fix Preferences->Add your own columns changing check state on moving columns

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2031569

  • Get books: update various Polish e-book stores for website changes
  • E-book viewer: Fix CFI parsing of numbers with trailing zeros causing some bookmarks to not work

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2029521

  • E-book viewer: Show an error when creating a bookmark if the bookmark position is not found

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2029521

  • CBR Input: Fix comics with extremely long internal filenames not working on Windows

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2031047

  • Edit book: Saved searches: Fix incorrect import in generated source code for some builtin functions
  • Data file manager: Fix errors on systems with larger font sizes

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The Oldie autorstwa Sophist
  • Various new Russian and Ukrainian news sources autorstwa Unknown

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Bloomberg
  • Focus
  • Epoch Times
  • Hindu
  • Business Today
  • NYTimes

Wydanie: 6.24 [04 Aug, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Easily manage the extra data files associated with a book by right clicking the edit metadata button and choose "Manage data files"

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023509

  • Content server: Full text search: Allow searching a restricted subset of books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2028216

  • E-book viewer: Allow clicking on calibre:// URLs

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2029014

  • Support fuzzier searching in the Tag browser find allowing unaccented characters to match accented ones

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2027727

Poprawione błędy

  • DOCX conversion: Preserve underline style and color

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2028404

  • Fix incorrect sorting of device view after some operations
  • Fix visit content server in browser not working when the content server is configured to listen on an IPv6 interface

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023737

  • Fix one hour offset in some timezones on Windows for dates before 1970

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2028019

  • Windows: HTML Input: Fix error when trying to add HTML files with links to other files that are invalid pathnames

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2027763

  • Get books: Update various Polish language book stores for website changes

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The New Republic Magazine autorstwa ping
  • Inc42 autorstwa unkn0w7n

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Epoch Times
  • Business Standard
  • Tagesspiegel
  • Bloomberg Business Week
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Live Mint
  • Private Eye

Wydanie: 6.23 [14 Jul, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • PDF Output: Add an option to discard the book cover instead of inserting it as the first page of the PDF

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2025942

  • Content server: Allow opening the Book details page for a matched book from the Full text search results page

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2025333

Poprawione błędy

  • Windows: Fix empty data folder getting created in the directory calibre is launched from when changing title/author for a book with an existing data folder
  • LIT Output: Fix error converting anything to LIT on Windows

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2026795

  • Ignore failures to expire old trash during startup
  • Amazon metadata download: Fix retrieval of publisher information from

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2025786

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • ThePressProject autorstwa Sotiris Papatheodorou

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Guardian & Observer
  • Washington Post
  • Private Eye
  • Associated Press

Wydanie: 6.22 [30 Jun, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Kobo driver: Add support for newest firmware
  • Trash bin: Allow setting removed books to be permanently deleted on library close

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023604

  • Windows: Nicer error message when file/folder is locked in another program

Poprawione błędy

  • PDF Output: Fix regression that caused large slowdowns when converting books with lots of internal HTML files to PDF
  • CHM Input: Fix ToC entries that use fragments not supported

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2024139

  • E-book viewer: Fix searching for text next to hidden text not scrolling to the match
  • E-book viewer: Fix selection popup not showing for some books on some platforms when the selection is in the top line

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2024375

  • DOCX Output: Fix multiple SVG images in the input document causing all the SVG images in the output to be just one of the input images

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2024433

  • MOBI Input: Ignore another form of corruption in trailing bytes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023943

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Radio Canada autorstwa quatorze
  • Deutschland Funk autorstwa Armin Geller

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Nature
  • Bloomberg
  • LiveMint
  • Hindu and Hindu Business Line
  • Deautsche Welle
  • Horizons
  • Indian Express
  • Psych
  • Harper's Magazine

Wydanie: 6.21 [13 Jun, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • DOCX Output: Add support for SVG images

    Now the generated DOCX will contain both the rasterized version of the SVG image and the original SVG image as the preferred source, which is supported by modern versions of Word.

  • E-book viewer: Allow configuring the actions triggered by touch gestures

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023367

  • DOCX Input: Add support for SVG images

Poprawione błędy

  • Windows: Fix a regression in the previous release that could cause files to be deleted if one of the files/folders was open in another program while changing title/author in calibre
  • macOS: Fix extra dock icons visible when doing a job using Qt WebEngine such as converting to PDF or searching in Get books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023395

  • macOS and Linux: Fix an error when changing metadata or deleting books whose files are owned by another user

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023476

  • CHM Input: Yet another regression opening CHM files with missing internal files on windows

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023377

  • CHM Input: Resolve absolute links to resource files from the root of the CHM file

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023431

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The India Forum autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Guardian & Observer
  • Harper's Magazine Print recipe
  • Live Mint

Wydanie: 6.20 [09 Jun, 2023]

Poprawione błędy

  • CHM Input: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke conversion of CHM files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2021413

  • Windows: Make moving files in the calibre library folder more robust, locking folders in addition to files, before the start of the move
  • Get books: Update Barnes and Noble store plugin for website changes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023046

  • Kindle output: Only re-encode JPEG images with EXIF metadata if the metadata contains actual transpose operations

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023189

  • PDF Output: Fix error when input document contains multiple instances of a font some with vertical metrics and some without

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2023041

  • PDF Output: Fix using CSS Multicolumns for body causing conversion to fail when header/footer is specified
  • MOBI Input: Fix a crash when converting some corrupted palmdoc compressed MOBI files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2022035

  • E-book viewer: Ensure CSS stylesheets are interpreted as UTF-8

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2021554

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Prospect Magazine UK (Free) autorstwa ping

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Foreign Affairs

Wydanie: 6.19.1 [29 May, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • HTML Input: Restrict adding of resources like images to only files within the folder hierarchy starting at the parent folder of the root HTML file Can be controlled by customizing the HTML to Zip plugin in Preferences->Plugins or the --allow-local-files-outside-root option to the ebook-convert command

Poprawione błędy

  • PDF Output: Fix regression in previous release causing non-English entries to be incorrectly encoded into the PDF bookmarks
  • PDF Output: Fix regression in previous release that caused blank pages when generating headers or footers
  • Book list: Fix editing-in-place not pre-selecting existing text for some column types

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2021367

  • metadata download: Update for site changes
  • PDF Output: Set /Creator and /Producer in /Info
  • Fix row height incorrect in Manage category dialog when blank

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2020906

  • 6.19.1 fixes a bug in 6.19.0 that broke the edit metadata dialog

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2021452

Wydanie: 6.18.1 [26 May, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Cover download: Allowing saving alternate covers to disk or in the book's data folder by right clicking on the cover

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2020603

  • Content server: Allow disabling full text search via the web interface

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2020237

  • When sending books to the device confirm the overwrite if the book already exists on the device

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2020233

  • E-book viewer: Handle horizontal wheel events as section jumps in paged mode
  • Comic Input: When grayscaling comic images use 16bit gray instead of 8bit for better fidelity

    When using the PNG format for images this results in larger files but with better grayscaling fidelity.

  • Add a new option in Preferences->Searching to disable keyboard searching in book list (i.e. you can turn off the behavior that pressing a key will jump to the first book whose title starts with that letter)
  • Manage categories dialog: Use alternating row colors and allow adjusting row height

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2018423

  • Allow assigning a keyboard shortcut in Preferences->Shortcuts to open the data folder of a book
  • Various improvements to syntax highlighting for the Markdown long text editor

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in 6.16 that broke restoring of the database

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2018025

  • Tag browser: Fix using F2 to edit items not allowing completion
  • Book details: Fix formatting of text when copying all book details in narrow mode
  • Book details: Fix copy all not respecting line breaks in fields
  • Fix a regression in previous release that broke scrolling when using the scroll_per_row tweak

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2018660

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the category manager dialog in some situations

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2018548

  • 6.18.1 fixes a regression that broke setting metadata and generating PDF files in the macOS and Linux binary builds

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Irish Times Free autorstwa unkn0wn
  • and El Confidencial autorstwa Hugo Meza

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • NYTimes
  • Economist
  • Washington Post
  • Irish Independent and Irish Times
  • Live Mint
  • Psych
  • Hindu

Wydanie: 6.17 [26 Apr, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Font subsetting: Add support for WOFF format fonts and CID keyed fonts. Also further reduce file sizes when subsetting
  • Book details: Show a link to open the data files folder when data files are present
  • Template language: Add various functions to query the extra files associated with a book
  • Edit book: Compress images: Support compression of images in the WEBP format as well

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2017195

  • Comments editor: Add buttons to create links to data files and also to folders easily when inserting a link
  • Allow displaying the id, formats and path builtin columns via Preferences->Add your own columns
  • Trash bin: Add a button to clear the bin

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2017232

  • Metadata editor: Use a dedicated editor with preview for custom columns that store Markdown formatted text

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that could result in empty author folders remaining in the library when the author of a book is changed
  • Fix the data files associated with a book not being handled when using the Merge books and Copy to library functions

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2017373

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke some operations in the Manage tags/authors/etc. dialogs
  • Ensure metadata.opf is always written when deleting book even if it is not sequenced for backup

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2017217

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Scientific American

Wydanie: 6.16 [20 Apr, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Allow storing extra data files with a book

    Right click the Add books button to add arbitrary files as "data files" to a book record. These are managed by calibre along with the book files, but cannot be used for conversion/viewing. Select a book and press the "O" key to view the data files in your file explorer.

  • Allow undoing the deletion of books from the calibre library

    Now deleted books are stored in a calibre "Trash bin" from which they can be restored with a single click. To view the trash bin, right click the "Remove books" button.

  • Kobo driver: Add support for the new Kobo Elipsa 2E

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2016070

  • Book details: if an item has an associated link then offer that link in the item's context menu

Poprawione błędy

  • Content server viewer: Fix end of chapter content being occasionally skipped when scrolling by screen full with multiple pages

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2015617

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused notes from a different highlights to be shown in some situations

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2017130

  • E-book viewer: Show an error if the user tries to search for only punctuation or spaces in the search modes that ignore these

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2015795

  • Fix custom columns not showing in Book details links from other libraries

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Bar and Bench autorstwa unkn0wn
  • The Washington Post Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Frontline
  • Outlook Magazine

Wydanie: 6.15.1 [07 Apr, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Allow adding external links to tags, series, publishers, etcetera in addition to authors

    The links show up as click-able icons in the book details panel. They can be set by right clicking the author/tag/etc. in the Tag browser and choosing "Manage"

  • calibre:// URL scheme: Add support for a new type of URL that pops up the metadata of the specified book in a new window

    Works even with books not in the current library. See for details

  • EPUB Output: Do not shrink images to fit the screen size by default, as modern readers do this themselves well enough. Can be controlled via an option in the EPUB Output section of the conversion dialog
  • Edit metadata dialog: Add buttons to pop up the category editing windows easily
  • Metadata download: Allow specifying rules to transform publisher names in addition to author and tag names

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2012304

  • Edit metadata dialog: Use both a colored border and an icon to indicate errors in line edits

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2007764

  • A new tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to control what program is run when clicking on URLs in calibre

Poprawione błędy

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused incorrect highlight collision detection in some books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2009586

  • E-book viewer: Fix images embedded inside SVG tags not available for viewing in a pop-up
  • DOCX Input: Do not ignore images that are present as fallbacks for a word drawing object

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2013972

  • Comic Input: When converting grayscaled PNG images to PNG ensure output images are stored as indexed PNG
  • Fix active tab not easy to distinguish in dark mode

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2012797

  • Content server: Fix re-opening book from home page after making progress not opening to correct last read position when a user is logged in

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2011755

  • Comments editor: When copying to clipboard, copy clean HTML rather than the junk Qt produces

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2012760

  • Version 6.15.1 fixes an issue with the new URL scheme popping up incorrect book details windows

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Tehelka autorstwa Areet Mahadevan
  • The Wire autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Saechsische Zeitung
  • LA Times
  • Mediapart
  • Live Mint
  • The Hindu

Wydanie: 6.14.1 [16 Mar, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Edit metadata: When setting a cover from comic files allow choosing which page to use as the cover

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2007765

  • Allow display of columns built from other columns as comments in Book details

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2009304

  • Comments editor: Add a shortcut for "Paste and match style" (Ctrl+Shift+V)

Poprawione błędy

  • macOS: ToC Editor: Fix mouse becoming unusable when trying to create a new entry

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2004639

  • When computing title sorts strip leading and trailing quotes, not just leading quotes
  • Content server viewer: Fix searching only showing results from the current chapter onwards

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2009268

  • Check book: Fix some incorrect line numbers reported in a few CSS error messages

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2009735

  • Fix regression in 6.14.0 that caused some generated resources to be excluded from the calibre source bundle
  • Fix regression in 6.14.0 that broke using paths with single quotes in them for the calibre library

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2011586

  • Fix ToC Editor on macOS in 6.14.0 not working inside the Edit book tool only

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Strange Horizons
  • The Saturday Paper
  • New Scientist
  • The Mainichi
  • DR Nyheder
  • New York Magazine
  • Bloomberg
  • Deccan Herald

Wydanie: 6.13 [17 Feb, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Content server: E-book viewer: Long tapping on an image now causes it to be displayed in an internal popup rather than a new window as some browsers block the creation of new windows

Poprawione błędy

  • E-book viewer: Fix some adjacent highlights with nothing in between them not being displayed.
  • Content server: Workaround for Safari regression causing bookmarks to disappear on reload

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2006726

  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the Read aloud controls to not reappear when Read aloud is canceled and restarted

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2007039

  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused an error when using Read aloud on a chapter with no text, such as the cover page

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2006062

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused a spurious error on Windows when reading out selected text
  • Fix a regression in calibre 5.0 that broke sorting the device view by title if one of the books has an empty title

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2007165

  • Edit book: Spell Check dialog: Fix second word not getting selected when after first word is fixed
  • Improve hover highlight color in tree views

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2004621

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The Economist Espresso autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Science X autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Horizons autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Deccan Herald autorstwa unkn0wn
  • The Monthly autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • CNN
  • Bloomberg

Wydanie: 6.12 [03 Feb, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: Read aloud: On Windows switch to using the new Microsoft speech subsystem with access to more voices

    Note that this means that old voice, speed and audio devices setting will not be used so a reconfiguration might be needed.

  • calibre:// URL scheme: allow specifying a Virtual library for show_book URLs

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003712

  • Add by ISBN: Allow adding using identifiers other than ISBN as well

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003227

  • Update bundled Qt to 6.4 this means calibre on macOS is now only supported on Big Sur and newer
  • Spell check dialog: Allow up and down arrow keys to work regardless of focus
  • Allow multiple Template tester dialogs

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2002257

Poprawione błędy

  • Windows MTP device driver: Ignore failure to enumerate objects inside non-root folders

    There are apparently a lot of devices out there that fail in this way. So rather than aborting the scan simply ignore the folder.

  • Book list: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke dragging to select multiple books
  • Content server viewer: Fix reload book not actually reloading until the browser is also refreshed

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2004197

  • E-book viewer: Fix occasional false warning about highlight being overwritten

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003916

  • E-book viewer: Fix detection of selected highlights when all text is selected

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003908

  • Fix an error when embedding metadata into a large number of books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003729

  • When updating metadata in EPUB 2 files and no language is specified, do not remove the <dc:language> tag as this causes epubcheck to complain. Instead set the language to "und"

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2004522

  • Wireless device driver: Remove the timeout for initial connection

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2004083

  • Use an icon rather than a color to report errors in fields and the search box

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2003652

  • Conversion dialog: Regex builder: Workaround bug in Qt that prevented searching for non breaking spaces in the wizard used to test search expressions
  • Spell check dialog: move down after correcting word, not up

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2002864

  • Get books: Fix Mobileread store plugin not working

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2002534

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Boston Globe Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Observer Reach Foundation autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Jerusalem Post
  • LiveMint
  • The Seattle Times
  • India Today
  • Outlook Magazine
  • Live Mint
  • Irish Independent
  • Irish Times

Wydanie: 6.11 [06 Jan, 2023]

Nowe funkcje

  • Edit book: Check book: Allow automatic fixing of various simple CSS errors
  • E-book viewer: When Read aloud is speaking, make the control bar translucent so that words under the bar are visible
  • Edit book: Switch to a new library (stylelint) for find problems in CSS as the old library was no longer maintained.
  • Edit book: File browser: Allow using keyboard shortcuts to re-order the spine
  • calibredb list: Allow specifying multiple fields for --sort-by

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982532

  • Check library: Allow opening the book folder easily

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2000037

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix windows not being moved onto the current monitor when they were previously visible on a removed monitor that was to the left of the current monitor
  • Book list: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke drag and drop of multiple books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1999995

  • Fix detection of Tolino Vision 6 on macOS/Linux

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2000877

  • Content server: Fix auto full screen not working when continuing to read books with user account enabled

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2001880

  • Edit book: Set semantics: Fix error when setting the "Notes" semantic
  • HTMLZ output: Fix images referred to in CSS stylesheets not being converted

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1999956

  • Book details panel: Fix HTML comment tags in the comments breaking display of book details

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 2000881

  • Content server home page: When showing recently read books from across devices hide the entries for which loading the cover fails
  • Windows Text-to-speech: Do not fail to configure if one of the voices has no defined language
  • Fix a regression in calibre 5 that broke using a file for the --extra-css option of ebook-convert
  • Content server FTS: Fix page header bar not visible
  • Content server: Fix identifiers from third party metadata download plugins not becoming clickable links on the book details page
  • Edit book: Warn when saving will overwrite a read-only file
  • Fix restoring geometry of maximized/fullscreen dialogs forcing them visible
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused spurious error message when doing some out of band searches

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1999936

  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke choosing new programs for the Open with function

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • NHK News - autorstwa Richard A. Steps
  • Globes in English autorstwa barakplasma

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • PC World
  • HNA
  • Caravan Magazine
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Various Israeli news sources

Wydanie: 6.10 [16 Dec, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Content server: Add support for searching the full text of books. Simply click the FTS link on the search page to start a full text search.
  • Content server: When using user accounts, the homepage now shows recently read books from any device not just the current device

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998557

  • Kobo driver: Bump the max supported firmware version

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1999685

  • Conversion: New Output profile for the Kindle Scribe

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998780

  • Check library: Allow ignoring folder names as well as files names

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998705

Poprawione błędy

  • Edit book: Fix various formatting operations not inserting the tags in the correct place in the presence of non-BMP characters

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1999349

  • Edit book: Use <s> instead of <strike> for strikethrough
  • Edit book: Fix export saved search to search panel not preserving the wrap checkbox state

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998899

  • Content server: Redirect the index page to always have trailing slash when using URL prefixes

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998767

  • Book list: Workaround for change in Qt 6 behavior where clicking on an already selected row does not deselect other rows
  • Windows: Fix a regression in calibre 6 causing Open with to not extract icons from EXE files

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1998165

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  • Fokus autorstwa Henrik Holm
  • Press Information Bureau autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Himal Southasian autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Indian Express Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Indian Express
  • Financial Times
  • TIME Magazine
  • Hindu Business Line Print Edition
  • Arts and Letters Daily
  • Frontline
  • Sportstar
  • New Yorker

Wydanie: 6.9 [25 Nov, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: When exporting highlights as plain text include titles from chapters at all levels not just the first level
  • Edit book: Reports: Show the number of words per file in the Files section of the report
  • Windows builds: sign DLLs in addition to EXEs to make Microsoft's new "Smart App Control" tool happy
  • Sending by email: When adding comments also add series
  • Nook driver: Put files in NOOK/Books instead of NOOK/My Files on recent nook devices so they are all listed in one place in the NOOK UI

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990730

  • calibredb list: Allow using a template as one of the returned fields
  • Tag browser: Add context menu action to turn on/off sub-categorization for a category

Poprawione błędy

  • Merging books: Fix title sort not being updated when the title is updated

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1996802

  • Content server viewer: Fix incorrect sorting of highlights in the same paragraph
  • Content server viewer: When exporting highlights as text include chapter titles
  • Improve rendering of the separator handle dots introduced in the previous release
  • Edit book: Fix regression in previous release causing applying any container update marking all open image editors as modified
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that caused copying book details to clipboard to use unix line endings on windows

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Bloomberg
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Spectator Magazine
  • The New York Times
  • The Hindu
  • MIT Technology Review

Wydanie: 6.8 [04 Nov, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Allow customizing the buttons available to the right of the search bar in the main calibre window via Preferences->Toolbars & menus->The buttons on the searchbar
  • Book details panel: Allow adjusting the space used by the cover with a splitter

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1994065

  • Make splitter handles more visible in the calibre UI style
  • When sending by email to Kindle do not include the author in the filename as Amazon is currently reading the author from the file metadata but not the title

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1994136

Poprawione błędy

  • Book list: Fix incorrect rendering of yes/no icons when they are configured to have only two values

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1993051

  • Nook driver: Send books to the NOOK folder for the 2021 Nook model as well

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990730

  • Improve performance in very large libraries of various UI operations such as right clicking, marking books, etc.
  • Fix edit metadata dialog not remembering its position and improve how calibre restores window position and size on multi-monitor systems
  • Conversion: Fix CSS styles applied to SVG elements being discarded
  • EPUB Input: Fix empty Adobe page number template file causing conversion to fail

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1995551

  • E-book viewer: Fix rendering of comments in metadata display when using a dark color scheme

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1995214

  • AZW3 Input: Fix svg images that use a prefix for the SVG namespace not being recognized

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1994988

  • Edit book: Fix double clicking in the see what changed dialog not opening the file in the editor since calibre 6.0
  • Edit book: Fix modified indicator on images not working correctly when replacing the image
  • Amazon metadata download: Adapt the plugin for website changes

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Fifty Two autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Bloomberg and Bloomberg Business Week autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Army and Navy Times
  • eenadu_ap
  • Handelsblatt

Wydanie: 6.7 [14 Oct, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Template language: A new "Python template mode" which allows using arbitrary Python code in templates
  • Tag browser: Allow removing format from selected books by right clicking on the format in the Tag browser

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1992273

  • E-book viewer: Ask for confirmation when creating a highlight that will overwrite existing highlights

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1991597

  • Book list: Allow changing column widths via a dedicated dialog by right clicking on column headers

Poprawione błędy

  • E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke adding of new lookup sources

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1992278

  • E-book viewer: Fix copy to clipboard not ignoring text from elements that are marked as non user selectable

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1991504

  • Content server: When adding books, run all file type plugins before reading metadata

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1992244

  • Edit book: Preview panel: In dark mode when all of the background/foreground/link colors are set to "No change" do not render the book using dark colors
  • Version 6.7.1 fixes a regression in the previous release that broke the delete specific format from book function

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • The Athletic
  • der Standard
  • The Economic Times India Print Edition
  • Indian Express
  • India Today Magazine
  • Caravan Magazine

Wydanie: 6.6.1 [30 Sep, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Book details: allow displaying multi-valued categories such as tags on separate lines via Preferences->Look & feel->Book details
  • Tag browser: When searching the Tag browser allow also filtering the book list to show only books that match one of the categories currently shown in the Tag browser.

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1989813

    To use enable the two Preferences: "Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser->Hide empty categories" and "Find shows all items that match". Then, when searching the Tag browser, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F to restrict the displayed books.

  • Edit book: When right clicking on HTML files in EPUB 3 books, allow marking them as the Table of Contents (NAV document)

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990507

Poprawione błędy

  • EPUB Output: Fix converting a document with obfuscated fonts to EPUB 3 not working

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990185

  • Edit book: Fix an error when processing books that contain comments inside unknown CSS @ rules

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990660

  • Content server: Fix jumping to locations such as bookmarks not working on iPhone/iPad running iOS >= 15

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1989722

  • Font subsetting: Fix :first-line and :first-letter pseudo classes not being handled correctly

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1990766

  • Workaround for Amazon's email delivery service not reading metadata from inside ebook files
  • Edit book: File list: Fix pressing Tab key while renaming a file not starting the rename of the next file
  • Version 6.6.1 fixes a regression that caused the Edit metadata window to not remember its last used size. Note that you will have to resize it once after updating to 6.6.1, after which the size will be remembered.

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • SCMP
  • Spectator Magazine
  • Spiegel Online International
  • Engadget

Wydanie: 6.5 [16 Sep, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Kobo driver: support the new Kobo Clara 2e
  • When running calibre with the --with-library command line flag and calibre is already running, switch to the specified library in calibre

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1989631

  • E-book viewer: Ask for confirmation when deleting a custom highlight style

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1988443

  • Do not show the virtual libraries tab bar when no virtual libraries are present

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1988609

  • Tag mapper: When specifying the replacement tag allow completion from the tags in the currently open library
  • Template language: New functions strcasecmp() and to_hex()

Poprawione błędy

  • Comments editor: Workaround for Qt inserting invalid font-weight when converting a paragraph to a heading

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1989177

  • E-book viewer: When displaying highlights do not group highlights from different chapters when the chapter titles are identical

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1988590

  • Tag browser: Fix error if a User category contains a reference to a deleted custom column
  • When sending books by email to the Kindle and PocketBook email delivery services use random subject and filenames consisting of simple English letters to try to workaround various bugs in their email processing code

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1989282

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Open Magazine
  • The Baffler
  • Dark Reading
  • New York Times
  • NYTimes Cooking
  • NYTimes Sports Beat
  • Outlook Magazine
  • Foreign Affairs

Wydanie: 6.4 [02 Sep, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Conversion pipeline: Add support for !important when flattening CSS rules

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1987011

  • Content server: Use the chapter title as the base bookmark name when creating new bookmarks

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1986786

  • Allow changing the search order when clicking on items in the Tag browser (Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser->Hierarchy and searching)
  • Check library: Make vacuuming the full text database optional as it is very slow and memory intensive

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1986500

  • Tag browser: Move the preferences for controlling the order and display of categories in the Tag browser from Preferences->Tweaks to Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1987235

  • User category editor: Hide items not visible in the Tag browser

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1984121

  • Allow adding a button to show the Manage categories window to the toolbars via Preferences->Toolbars & menus
  • Google metadata download: When excluding results from a web search because they don't match the specified title/author ignore diacritics, accents, etc.

Poprawione błędy

  • E-book viewer: Lookup: Google dictionary: Add some padding at the left and right margins

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1986963

  • E-book viewer: Lookup word in Google dictionary: Fix meanings of some words not being shown in the user's preferred language

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1985855

  • Fix calibredb backup_metadata --all operating only on dirty books not all books

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1987390

  • Do not VACUUM FTS db when exporting library as it can be very slow

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1987557

  • Windows: Nicer error message when attempting to run viewer/editor on machine without MediaPack installed
  • Edit book: Reports: Fix rendering of images in the images report table
  • Content server: Fix formatting of dates for custom columns using ISO format

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1986412

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Brhat autorstwa Vishwas Vasuki
  • Cachys Blog autorstwa Volker Heggemann
  • Various Russian and Ukranian news sources autorstwa bugmen00t

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Live Law and Live Mint
  • Financial Times and MIT Technology Review
  • Business Standard and Indian Express
  • Nautilus
  • High Country News
  • Outlook Business Magazine

Wydanie: 6.3 [12 Aug, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • E-book viewer: Allow searching for nearby words using a new "Nearby words" search mode
  • calibredb: New fts_search and fts_index commands to perform full text searching from the command line
  • Image viewing popup: Allow zooming using the standard shortcuts of Ctrl+plus/minus

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1985021

Poprawione błędy

  • Fix a regression in calibre 6.0 that broke remembering the previous sort order for a column
  • Fix a regression in calibre 6.0 that broke processing of very high resolution images

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1983484

  • Full text search: Fix error when using restrict searched books and more than 900 books are present in the searched list

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1983230

  • E-book viewer: Fix parsing of CSS styles with @supports rules not working
  • E-book viewer: Speed up initial render of books with lots of CSS in <style> tags by not prettying the CSS
  • Google books metadata download: Fix paragraphs not being recognized

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1983126

  • Content server: Fix light background for comments editor in dark mode
  • Content server: Fix margin and body background color mismatch when reading books with a non-white/black color scheme

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1985058

  • Content server: Fix long tapping in the notes edit area incorrectly changing the highlight extent

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1983271

  • Google search engine: Fix for different URL encoding used by Google servers in Portugal
  • Check library: Fix vacuum not running on FTS db

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Various Russian and Ukranian news sources autorstwa bugmen00t

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Wirtschaft Woche
  • Scientific American
  • Popular Science
  • Mediapart
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Indian Express
  • Eenadu

Wydanie: 6.2.1 [29 Jul, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Full text search: Ignore soft hyphens when extracting searchable text from books. Note that you will have to re-index your library to take advantage of this.
  • Content server: Have the Read button open PDF files in the browsers builtin PDF viewer rather than the calibre viewer since the calibre viewer is not well suited to PDF
  • Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware
  • Create icon theme dialog: Add a checkbox to install the newly created theme into calibre
  • Allow re-indexing a book for FTS by right clicking the Book details panel

Poprawione błędy

  • Content server: Workaround for Chrome bug causing multiple sign in prompts when connecting to the server after restarting Chrome

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982060

  • Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke rendering of first page of EPUB as cover when the EPUB has no actual cover
  • Content server: Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused incorrect rendering of comments metadata in the book details panel in dark mode

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981886

  • FB2 Input: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke conversion of FB2 on macOS

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982743

  • Metadata download from Google: Switch to making the queries via a Google web search as this finds some books that searching via the API does not

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982502

  • Book details panel: Fix clicking on items from an enumerated column containing ampersands not searching correctly

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982651

  • Image editor: Do not allow initial mouse drag to create selection rect outside the image bounds
  • E-book viewer: Fix clicking on ToC entries moving keyboard focus to the ToC search box when the ToC window is floating
  • Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused the default cover to be rendered small in some contexts
  • Various bug fixes related to the new dark/light icon theme switching. Make the icons more consistent even when using the system theme. Use calibre specific file type icons when using the non native file dialogs. Allow creating dark/light override icons manually in the configuration folder.

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981882

  • Disable the color theme setting when using system style

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981909

  • When using a fixed color palette and the system colors are of different type enforce the color palette
  • Ignore Qt generated application palette changes when using a fixed palette

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982050

  • In the icon theme chooser dialog show light and dark themes only in the light and dark tabs
  • Welcome wizard: Fix device names not being translated correctly leading to the same name being repeated for some devices

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1982035

  • Read aloud: Fix spurious error message on Linux about voices not being installed
  • Linux binaries: Bundle brotli and graphite2 as well as Qt links against them
  • FTS dialog: When keyboard navigation changes the current item ensure it stays visible
  • Binary builds: Fix Qt TLS backends not included

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981887

  • Fix Qt WebEngine creating cache folders outside of the calibre cache directory
  • Version 6.2.1 fixes a regression in 6.2.0 that caused the Read button in the Content server to only work for PDF books

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • The Athletic autorstwa unkn0wn
  • Various Russian and Ukranian news sources autorstwa bugmen00t

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Frontline
  • HBR
  • The Australian
  • India Today
  • Indian Express
  • India Today
  • Live Mint
  • The Atlantic

Wydanie: 6.1 [16 Jul, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Full text search: Add a button to re-index a book, useful if the book's contents have been changed outside calibre
  • Search queries now support quoting using "docstrings" for easier escaping
  • Linux installer: Check for libEGL as the QtGui module in Qt 6 links against it and many Linux servers don't have it installed

Poprawione błędy

  • macOS: Blacklist older versions of the DeDRM plugin as they caused crashes and failures to add books.
  • Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused crashes in the Manage authors dialog

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981453

  • Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke touch screen interaction
  • Fix a regression in 6.0 that caused a few checkboxes to stop working

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981627

  • Linux: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke handling of mouse clicks on some Wayland systems with a touchpad

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981629

  • ToC Editor: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke styling/images in the preview panel
  • Windows: Fix window titlebars not dark in dark mode
  • Full text search: Show a warning when indexing/searching a library on an FAT drive
  • News download: Do not add aborted/failed article titles to the comments metadata
  • Full text search: Fix books edited with the Edit book tool not being automatically re-indexed
  • HTML Input: Fix handling of deeply nested files on Windows

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981438

  • Fix a regression preventing using a non-integer value for the tweak to change book details font size

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1981188

  • Fix moving library not moving the full text search index
  • Fix some custom icons in the calibre config directory not overriding the theme/builtin icons
  • Linux installer: Fix glibc version check also being done when installing older versions
  • Windows installer: Refuse to install on Windows 8 as thanks to Qt 6 calibre 6 does not work on Windows 8
  • Update the BigBookSearch metadata plugin for website changes

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • The Economic Times India

Wydanie: 6.0 [11 Jul, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • For details on the major changes in calibre between 6.0 and 5.0, see
  • Full text search: You can now search the entire text of all books in your calibre library
  • Support for new CPU architectures: Apple Silicon and ARM64 on Linux. Support for 32bit CPUs has been dropped because Qt 6 does not support them
  • Dark mode in calibre is now controlled via a setting in Preferences->Look & feel rather than an environment variable
  • Allow choosing different icon themes for light and dark mode in Preferences->Look & feel
  • Upgrade calibre to use Qt 6. This means that some no longer maintained third party plugins may not work, though most plugins have already been ported

Wydanie: 5.44 [17 Jun, 2022]

Nowe funkcje

  • Amazon metadata download: Add an option to prefer the Kindle edition when multiple book types are returned by the search (Preferences->Metadata download->Configure the Amazon plugin)

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1976105

  • Kobo driver: Support for updated firmware
  • Allow customizing how yes/no columns are displayed (Preferences->Add your own columns)

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1977681

  • Manage tags dialog: If tags are present in the add tags input when OK is clicked, add them automatically, without needing to click the plus button first

Poprawione błędy

  • Edit book: Live CSS: Fix @namespace rules causing jumping to rule definition to go to the wrong definition

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1978500

  • Workaround for Apple bug in macOS 13 that prevents device detection
  • Don't use commas in filenames when sending to pbsync and kindle email addresses
  • Edit book: When quitting while a save is in progress and the save completes while the confirmation popup is visible, don't abort the quit.

Nowe źródła wiadomości

  • Nautilus autorstwa unkn0wn
  • The Healthy from Reader's Digest autorstwa Stephen Genusa
  • Business Standard Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn
  • The Economic Times India Print Edition autorstwa unkn0wn

Ulepszone źródła wiadomości

  • Harvard Business Review
  • Philosophy Now
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Haaretz
  • Indian Express
  • Hindi Business Line
  • The New York Times
  • Nature
  • Eenadu
  • Scientific American
  • Business Today
  • Irish Times
  • Le Monde
  • Economist
  • E-book viewer: Allow saving current settings in "profiles" that can be quickly and easily swapped between [7.6]

    Zamknij zgłoszenia: 1979022

    To create a profile or switch to a previously saved profile access "Profiles" from the viewer controls or press the `Alt+P` shortcut.

  • For details on the major changes in calibre between 7.0 and 6.0, see [7.0]
  • The ability to add notes to any author, tag, series, etc. in calibre with links and images [7.0]
  • Allow storing extra data files with a book [6.16]

    Right click the Add books button to add arbitrary files as "data files" to a book record. These are managed by calibre along with the book files, but cannot be used for conversion/viewing. Select a book and press the "O" key to view the data files in your file explorer.

  • Content server: Add support for searching the full text of books. Simply click the FTS link on the search page to start a full text search. [6.10]
  • For details on the major changes in calibre between 6.0 and 5.0, see [6.0]
  • Full text search: You can now search the entire text of all books in your calibre library [6.0]
  • Support for new CPU architectures: Apple Silicon and ARM64 on Linux. Support for 32bit CPUs has been dropped because Qt 6 does not support them [6.0]

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